COVID-19 Information for BSC Members

Yes, and we encourage you to enter into a flexible payment arrangement if you are experiencing financial difficulty. We have always worked with students to make flexible payment arrangements (reduced payments and deferred payments) to accommodate contingencies like delayed financial aid. Prior to COVID-19, about 16% of our members received flexible payment arrangements. Currently, we are at about 50%. 

To discuss making a flexible payment arrangement, contact Accounting at

We have ceased eviction processes, in compliance with the California law banning evictions through the end of May 2020. A student who has not entered into a flexible payment arrangement and has not paid rent due will not be allowed to sign a contract for future semesters. A student with bad debt would eventually have their debt case submitted to a debt collection agency and experience a negative impact on their credit report.

Yes, students in certain categories can terminate contracts and receive a prorated refund. The categories are (a) 40+ years of age (b) prevented from traveling and (c) at higher risk for severe illness (specifically including but not limited to people who have chronic lung disease, including moderate to severe asthma, serious heart conditions, are immunocompromised, have a BMI of 40 or higher, have diabetes, are on dialysis due to chronic kidney disease, or have liver disease). If you are in one of those categories and wish to terminate your contract, contact

BSC members who do not fall under the above categories and terminate their contracts will be responsible for the full rent obligation under their contract.