Davis Domes co-op reopens!

The BSC has been working to help save the Domes over the past year, and now they are reopening!  Solar Community Housing Association just recieved a congratulatory email from UC Davis Real Estate Services and the Occupancy Permits for Domes 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 14, & 15!! Fourteen new Domies can move back in right away!

Over two dozen members helped out with renovations that brought the 40-year-old Domes up to modern building code and added wheelchair accessible pathways and gardens. In March 2011, the BSC Board also provided a grant of $10,000 and an additional matching grant of $10,000 as part of its annual commitment to supporting other co-ops.

Still lots of work ahead to finish construction on the other seven domes, but this is a HUGE milestone. Thanks to everyone!  You can read more at the Save the Domes Facebook Page.

A dome with new wheelchair accessible paths

Former BSC President and current VP of Education and Training Daniel Kronovet vacuuming a Dome.

BSC Members work with Domies and community members to build new cob benches.