CZ Wins Summer Eco-Challenge!

The results are in for the Summer Eco-Challenge!  It was a close race towards sustainability, and there is still a lot of work for us to continue progressing in the future.  At the end of the tally, Casa Zimbabwe came out as the winners!  They sealed the deal with the ecoactivities enumerated below:

Harvesting rainwater
Monitoring laundry room for leaking hot air and patching duct work
Pruning landscape
Harvesting edible and medicinal herbs from their garden
Recycling all sorts of plastics, and odd do-hickeys
Keeping their cleaning supplies organized
Sorting out recyclables from the loading dock dumpster
Taking care of their bee hive
Participating in the composting project
Buying Berkeley urban-farmed produce all summer
Having good coordination among mangers
Donating clothes to the Haiti Drive
Coordinating Landscape and Courtyard activities with Ridge
Training new CZars on house-level recycling
Responsibly disposing of e-waste
Rooftop Gardening

CZ will be awarded a trophy, and there will be a reception to celebrate the winners and all participants in the eco challenge. This award ceremony will take place in the red room, and is TBA.

Runners up include:
First Runner up: Kingman
Second Runner up: Central Maintenance
Third Runner up: Hoyt
Fourth Runner up: Ridge