Executive Director Jan Stokley leaving the BSC on May 11, 2012

Dear members, staff, and friends of the BSC,

I am writing to tell you that our Executive Director, Jan Stokley, has informed me that she will be leaving BSC to accept a new position as Executive Director of the Housing Choices Coalition, effective May 11.

Jan has done outstanding work with a constant focus on the mission, values, and best interest of the BSC’s membership. It is my hope and expectation that her tenure serves as a model for the Executive Director position in the future. We will deeply miss Jan and her exceptional contributions, but we are proud to acknowledge her instrumental work in empowering the student leadership such that we are equipped, more than ever before, to successfully manage this leadership transition and handle the full range of our responsibilities moving forward.

Jan has been an invaluable asset to our organization. In her tenure, she has provided cutting-edge, top quality insight, and resources regarding our vision, long-term planning, and the roles and responsibilities of BSC members, staff, and stakeholders. She laid the foundation for an expanded student role in BSC governance through the support of an expanded set of student committees. Jan has taken great strides to support the planning for the long-term success and financial stability of the organization and has worked to strengthen and solidify lasting relationships with BSC stakeholders and community members.

Most importantly, Jan has created the foundation for a strengthened student leadership. She helped the Cabinet and Board of Directors build capacity to make plans and priorities by members and for members.

I have already started work with the executives of Cabinet and Kim Benson, the Operations Manager, to develop transition plans. We have adjusted our goals and timeline to put a special emphasis on data collection and training for the incoming executives and future leadership of the BSC, while providing comprehensive, quality training for our incoming student leadership.

After elections for summer and fall, we will be creating a joint working group of current and future BSC executives to facilitate with the transition process. It is our plan to develop hiring materials through the summer period including plans for the recruitment, application, and orientation of a new Executive Director. In the upcoming weeks we will be developing and fleshing out the details of the transition plan and soliciting input from various stakeholders. We will be appointing an interim Executive Director effective May 11th and hiring a new Executive Director during the fall semester.

I have no doubt that Jan will be doing exceptional work for the Housing Choices Coalition, building upon a legacy of work in nonprofit housing and community development: providing affordable, quality housing to marginalized communities.  I look forward to hearing of her success, and wish her the best with her ongoing, honorable achievements.

Cooperatively yours,

Elaina Marshalek
BSC President