BSC Continues Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The BSC will be investing over $200,000 in energy efficiency upgrades this summer as part of its continued commitment to lowering utility bills.  Sherman Hall, which will be undergoing an earthquake retrofit, will have improved insulation installed in the walls.  At other houses, projects include replacing single pane windows with double pane windows, upgrading water heaters and furnaces to modern, efficient models, adding attic and wall insulation, and repairing solar hot water panels.  Projects are funded through the Energy Conservation Fund with money saved via participation in the PG&E CARE discount program for affordable housing.

In addition to capital improvements, the BSC also conducts extensive member education.  Each house has a Waste Reduction Manager to handle trash, compost, recycling, water use, and energy use.   Cooperative living is inherently efficient, with members sharing meals, refrigerators, common living spaces, and other resources.  Last year BSC members spent just $47 per member each month on garbage, water, electricity, and gas combined.