Cheko Elected to ASUC Senate

In this year's ASUC elections, UC Berkeley students elected Cooperative Movement Party candidate Cheko (Jorge Pacheco) to the ASUC Senate for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.  He follows in the success of previous Cooperative Movement senators Christina and Elliott in representing and Co-opers at UC Berkeley and working with UC administrators on issues relevant to the Co-ops, such as affordable housing.

A longtime BSC member, Cheko has lived in four co-ops: Rochdale, Castro, Lothlorien, and Wilde.  He has served as Castro's Social Manager and also as the Central Level Member Advocate, representing members at Administrative Committee and Conduct Committee hearings.  Previously, Cheko has also been heavily involved in student government both as a justice on the ASUC Judicial Council and as a Vice President and Senator at the De Anza College student government. 

To improve campus sustainability, Cheko will organize with campus environmental officials and groups, such as the ASUC Sustainability Team and the Berkeley Student Food Collective to progress the ASUC and campus for more sustainable alternatives. Additionally, he will continue and advance the Green Certification Program, which finances student groups to be sustainable, as well as the Take Back the Tap Initiative, a campaign to ban the sale of disposable water bottles on campus by 2014 or earlier, progressing UC Berkeley to become the higher education model for sustainability.

To strengthen student Rights and better the Code of Conduct, Cheko will collaborate with city and campus officials to obligate our campus administration to both grant amnesty to student protestors as well as to protect and support student protestors from criminal charges dealing with protesting activities.

Finally, to develop affordable housing and student businesses, Cheko plans to collaborate with city officials and the BSC to attain alternative funding sources such as the city’s Housing Trust Fund. He will also work to exempt the BSC, and all affordable student-housing organizations from UC Berkeley's Capital Renewal Fee, which would enable affordable housing expansion. Lastly, he also intends to negotiate with the administration to attain spaces for student businesses such as the Berkeley Student Food Collective on Lower Sproul.

Cheko personal life covers a wide range of experiences shared by many co-opers.  Double majoring in Legal Studies and Anthropology, Cheko transferred to Berkeley from De Anza College and is presently in the Educational Opportunity Program.  He is a proud member of the LGBTQ Comunity, multi-ethnic (Korean, Yucatec Maya, Salvadoran), and is both a first generation college student and a first generation American.