BSC Kitchen Managers Earn ServSafe Manager Certifications

The Berkeley Student Cooperative is proud to announce that all of our Kitchen Managers have passed the exams and are now certified as ServSafe Food Managers.  This both improves the quality of the BSC's foodservice operations and also provides members pursuing careers in food with a valuable credential that allows them to start at the manager level. 

Run by the National Restaurant Association, ServSafe is a food safety training program for foodservice workers and involves food handling, storage, and kitchen sanitation.  To meet new changes in City of Berkeley policies, the BSC's Kitchen Managers - all of whom are students living in one of the Co-op's 17 room and board houses - have completed ServSafe trainings and all passed the two-hour exam the first time around.   Trainings were provided by Central Food and Supplies staff Heather Grey, Alexa Tillinghast, and Andrew Kearns - all certified as ServSafe Instructor/Proctors - and involved 5 hours of in-person and video instruction followed by a few hours of take-home studying. 

In addition to ensuring food safety at their houses, BSC Kitchen Managers also handle budgeting, food ordering, and supervising intensive kitchen cleans.  Depending on the size of the house, Kitchen Managers put in anywhere from 11 to 17 hours a week and receive rent credits of 40-100%.  Over 200 members hold elected manager positions at the houses or central level member jobs, and acquire real world skills including truck driving, running meetings, plumbing, and graphic design. 

Photo: Eliana Lauter, African American Theme House Kitchen Manager