Member Resources Newsletter, July 31st

Member Resources Newsletter, July 31th
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C O - O P E R S, 

Hey, it's Liz, your friendly email confidant. 

Things are pretty quiet on the cooperative front. The BSC has two professional, full time jobs available, so be sure to check those out if you're in the market for a rad workplace.

Other than that, July is wrapping up, and the August school anxiety is starting to creep. Remember when you were younger, and you'd go into Target toward the end of July and those scoundrels would already have a "back to school" section? Yeah, that was the worst, it was like, c'mon man, I don't want to look at supply lists. Why do I even need 500 index cards? 

ya feel?

This week's low-down: 

1. BSC Scholarship Application Open

Sorry if you find the spongebob gif below aggressive. I do too, but I also like it a lot, so like, there's that.

Liz Ryan 

editor & chief of this email
member resources assistant
just realized I've been paying for spotify for months--damn you, free trial


*apply here

In need of a real, full time job?

Working at a restaurant is great- you get tips, you can seagull untouched burgers off tables you clear, and you get to rock a wardrobe of probably just black.

But maybe, you feel the need to settle down, maybe you're a recent graduate, maybe you're sick of working two part time jobs, or maybe, just maybe, the idea of working with total c h i l l e r s entices you. Whatever your motives, the BSC has two professional staff positions available, listed below. 

I'm talking competitive pay, I'm talking benefits, I'm talking paid-freaking-vacation. You heard it here, first (Unless you've been emailed the job descriptions countless times, in which case, just play along).

Click the photos below for the detailed job descriptions and submit your applications no later than 9AM, Monday, August 3rd. 

*Big Kid Job Available 

Contract & Purchasing Agent

Hey! Are you looking for a real, full time job? The BSC is looking to hire a new Contract & Purchasing Agent, starting ASAP. 

You'd be working with vendors, placing orders, and generally organizing and representing CFS. 

*Big Kid Job Available 

Maintenance Crew Member

Apply to be a Maintenance Crew member! You get to be the hero of the co-ops, the knight in shining armor, the person who inspires hope and regularly assists in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, heating, mechanical, and/or locksmithing.

Hot dog!

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