Member Resources Newsletter, August 7th

Member Resources Newsletter, August 7th
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sorry this is late

Hey BSC.

my apologizes for the delay in sending- tbh I started a new job and let's be honest, there's not a ton of news. 

Things remain quiet on the cooperative front, but Cloyne is holding that cool Robert Reich film discussion thingy, so swing by that this Wednesday. 

Also, next week is basically the last week of summer. Yeah think about that. 

ugh, feels. 

This week's low-down: 

1. BSC Scholarship Application Open
2. Teach In!
3. BSC Milk Manager

Sorry if you find the spongebob gif below aggressive. I do too, but I also like it a lot, so like, there's that.

Liz Ryan 

editor & chief of this email
member resources assistant
my roommates are making fun of me right now


*apply here

Hey coopers!

Stroll on over to Cloyne this Wednesday for Ideas and discussion about economic inequality, based off of the videos from Robert Reich's "Big Ideas" series. There will be rad discussion regarding our relationship to the issue of economic inequality and strategizing about ways to build student power to address those issues on campus and nationally. Open to BSC students and alumni.


Another bsc job availability

You didn't hear wrong folks

look below for a ~special surprise~

 submit your applications no later than 12PM, Monday, August 10th. 

Milk Manager 

Potentially the coolest job the BSC has to offer. Score this job and you will personally be responsible for overseeing the organization and delivery of DAIRY and other ~cold items~ to the 17 house, three times a week. 
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