Member Resources Newsletter, August 15th

Member Resources Newsletter, August 15th
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where did summer go? 

Ugh. Look at the ice cream bar. Now look away. Now try to stop-- oh wait you can't, it's like a car wreck, you can't stop watching and now you know what I've been doing for the last 5 minutes. 

(Insert cliche sentiments about summer wrapping up and next week basically being it.) If you're international, I'm gonna make a judgement call, and say, on behalf of the BSC, it was rad living with you this summer. Come back soon! 

The BSC currently has a few member jobs available, so if you're looking to ditch regular workshift this fall, be sure to check them out! 

This week's low-down: 

1. BSC Scholarship Application (still) Open
2. More BSC jobs. (so many) 

Well, I gotta go pack!

Liz Ryan 

editor & chief of this email
member resources assistant
are pop tarts  a food group..? 


*apply here

More member jobs available? I know, it's insanity! 

But seriously, member jobs are awesome. The hours are flexible, they fulfill your workshift requirement, and they are total resume builders. Check out the hicomm website for description and the like, or click the pictures below for specific info pertinent to the descriptions. 

 **submit your applications no later than 12PM, Wednesday, August 19th. 

Health Education Coordinator 

The HEC is responsible for promoting health in the houses as well as within the larger BSC. Bringing in outside resources, coordinating with health workers, and acting as a student liaison with University Health Services and other, outside organizations. Click the picture for more information! 


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