Member Resources Newsletter, August 28th

Member Resources Newsletter, August 28th
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back to the daily grind

Hey chillest folks around, Liz Ryan here, bringing you the best and brightest news of the area. Or realistically, whatever finds its way to my inbox each week.

Hope you've all settled in to your new homes and had a decent first week of school. Personally, my excitement over the classes I'm taking was slightly deflated when I realized how much money I'm gonna have to surrender in the name of course materials and reading lists. bleh.

Big thanks to all the *rad* new members that turned up for New Member Orientation today- y'all are the real MVPs and meeting you was pretty sweet.

Well, that's pretty much it for today, catch you on the flip bsc.

Table O Contents

1. Apply to be a Recruitment Tabler
2. Virtual Grad Fair
4. RAZA Mentoring

Is it me or is it unbearably sweaty outside?

Liz Ryan

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allergic to shoes that are not flip flops

wanna trade your dishes shift for a workshift that doesn't require a shower?

True story. There's a central level workshift available called "Recruitment Tabling." All you gotta do is chill on Sproul Plaza from 12-2:30, one day a week and answer questions about the co-ops. 2.5 hours of workshift for your troubles and invaluable street cred. Swing by the office and apply via a central level workshift form.


the best futures are planned in sweatpants

Hey people that are interested in grad school or might become interested in grad school! Idealist is holding a virtual grad fair on Thursday, September 10th, from 2 to 5pm. If you're intrigued, watch this video and RSVP HERE by Septemeber 3rd