Member Resources Newsletter, September 4th

Member Resources Newsletter, September 4th
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FINALLY, a big meaty newsletter.

Gone are the days of paltry announcements, the semester is up and running, as is the most electronic newsletter you'll find in your inbox. Thanks to all that submitted news and thank you for opening this email. 

For those of you new to the game, this is the part of the week where I inundate you with job apps, prospective internships, community events, and irrelevant pictures. 

The highlights for this week? Probably the Berkeley Urban Garden Internship decal, although I am incredibly biased toward the members involved. It sounds like an awesome opportunity to get out the classroom and into some therapeutic succulents n things. 

Check out the other stuff too- I spent equal amounts of love on all of this week's going ons, and there's bound to be something that appeals to Y-O-U. Oh also, most everything in here is clickable, and links to the appropriate documentation, applications, sign-up forms (in case anyone was wondering).
Table O' Contents 

1. BSC Job Opening
2. Peer Health Exchange
3. Join the Food Collective 
4. Urban Garden Decal
5. NASCO 2015
6. Zappos Internship

Have a rad, luxuriously long weekend! 

Liz Ryan 

editor & chief of this email
member resources assistant
I have a knot in my back and aaron texiera is in africa SOS 


Yet again, another chance to get out of regular workshift & pay off almost all of your rent. Also, you get to be the hero that makes sure the houses get eggs- have you ever experienced a co-op that's out of eggs? Yeah, it does suck. Check out the job description and apply by 10AM, September 8th.

wanna teach high schoolers to not make your health mistakes?

(A moment of silence for the rectangle pizza)

ANYWHO, the Peer Health Exchange is looking for new applicants to join for Fall '15. What exactly is the Peer Health Exchange? It's a community that volunteers in public high schools and "gives teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy, informed decisions about issues like sex, drugs, and their physical and mental health." 

Sounds pretty cool to me. There's an info session coming up next week, on the September 8th, from 7-8pm in 2066 VLSB or you can just straight up apply here

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they'll surely help you out.

Looking for a couple more units? Take this rad decal with two amazing bsc members!

I'll let Lauren explain--

"The Berkeley Urban Garden Internship decal is 
a hands-on, interactive approach to exploring the food system, the importance of growing food in the city, and what we as community members and students can do to make positive changes. Some weeks we will be meeting weekly from on Monday's from 4-6pm in the Student Organic Garden, located on the corner of Virginia and Walnut, other weeks we will be taking field trips to local gardens to explore facets of urban agriculture raising animals, bees, dealing with soil problems, and community building. The first class will be Monday, September 14, in the Student Organic Garden."

Getting units for being outside and gardening? that sounds pretty ideal. 


For more info, you can email the beautiful ladies directly- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. andThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Zappos Summer Internships

two words: ball pit 

EXCITING NEWS: The Zappos summer internship application window is now open. I know, I know, we literally just started school but this internship looks so freaking cool! Plus it's not just for the world of tech- there's tons of spots for designy, business, analytical, PR type jobs, and probably more too. The internship is 10 weeks long, and they'll pay to relocate you to Las Vegas for the summer. 

Also, they have a ball pit. 

*apply by September 18th