Member Resources Newsletter, September 18th


Member Resources Newsletter, September 18th
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wham bam thank you mam

Mmm so much news that it's Friday night and I am sitting in the sparkly new student union typing this out like a fool. true story. Also, the new student union is pretty rad. 

There's a slew of news for y'all, namely NASCO. Dude, apply to NASCO. This about it, co-opers from all over the country coming together to bask in mutual cooperation in pure granola aesthetic. You know it sounds cool and it's a free trip to Detroit. Plus I'm sure the Michigan co-ops get down for Halloween. (Just saying)

Also, the BSC is (and has been) running a water conservation contest, so as much as we all love contemplating life and reading the Dr. Bronner's label, we gotta shave (damn I'm witty) some minutes off our daily rinses. 

That being said, it is actually Friday night and the new student union isn't that cool, so I'mma bounce on home.

Table O' Contents 

1. BSC Job Opening
2. NASCO 2015
3. Join the Demographic and Inclusion Task Force
4. Water Conservation Competition
5. Food Collective
6. Zappos Internship
7. Water Faire 

Have a great weekend BSC!

Liz Ryan 

editor & chief of this email
member resources assistant
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You heard it here first, folks. The BSC is looking for a new meat and cheese packaging chief. The job is supa chill, pays at the workshift rate, and is about 12 hours a week.

You gotta apply by 10AM, this Monday, September 21st. Click the swag pic of cheese for more details. 
The North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Institute is a 3-day workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is a one of a kind opportunity to network with hundreds of cooperative leaders to share ideas, learn new skills, and look at issues affecting the cooperative movement worldwide. This year's theme is "Common Interest: Co-ops Investing in Community Wealth. The conference begins on October 30th and ends on November 1st.
You can find out all about this amazing event including the content and schedule of workshops here:
The BSC is offering scholarships to attend this year! The scholarships include round trip airfareand half of the $230.00 registration fee (you pay $115.00). You’ll stay at a co-op in Ann Arbor for the weekend and participate in workshops and networking events. There's also a pretty rad Detroit tour that you get to go on. 
Our group travel has already been booked. You gotta be able to depart from Oakland Airport on Thursday October 29th at 8:00AM and return on Sunday November 1st at 7:00 PM.
This is such a sick event and new BSC members are beyond encouraged to apply.  Please share this opportunity with all BSC members! 
Here's the application

join the demographic & inclusion task force

Hey! Are you in interested in being involved in the development of the BSC Person of Color Theme House?

Are you interested in making the BSC more accessible for low-income, students of color?
Do you have experience working to recruit and retain low-income students and students of color? 

The Demographic Inclusion Task Force (DITF) is looking for new members-at-large for the 2015-2016 year! If you answered yes to any of the above question, considering applying!

(Just make sure to do it before Monday, Sept. 21 at 11:59 p.m.)

Also if you have any questions, you can totally contact the tast force chair, Eddie Stinson by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Spongebob: I  don't need it

save water, share a shower

I'm sure by now y'all have seen those ~nifty~ little (not really, they're kinda big) stickers that angstily read "I'm so wasted -water." And i'm definitely sure by now y'all know we are in a drought.

Personally, I use the California drought as an excuse for rash behavior-for example, the other day I hastily walked into the euclid/haste crosswalk right as the flashy sign was counting down from four to three. Some douchey driver honked hella loud at me, to which I yelled "WE ARE IN A DROUGHT." See? There ya go. 

In more relevant details, the BSC is holding a co-op wide contest to see which house can use the least amount of precious H20 (yeah I took Chem1A).

Interested in how your house has done in the past? Check out this badboy and pride or shame yourself and your housemates. Dayum Sherman I am impressed. 

The contest runs from now until mid October and the winners--5 houses in all, three most improved and two overall awesome--will be invited to a (drum roll) winner winner, water savers dinner (oh god so good).

So start making action plans, re-examine that water budget, and get cracking.The race is on and may the dirtiest (tbh the first thing I think of for saving water is to shower less often) house win. 
Zappos Summer Internships

two words: ball pit 

EXCITING NEWS: The Zappos summer internship application window is now open. I know, I know, we literally just started school but this internship looks so freaking cool! Plus it's not just for the world of tech- there's tons of spots for designy, business, analytical, PR type jobs, and probably more too. The internship is 10 weeks long, and they'll pay to relocate you to Las Vegas for the summer. 

Also, they have a ball pit. 

*apply by September 18th

and now a message from our sustainability coordinator

Greetings fellow co-op members,
Join your best friends for an all BSC member Brunch and the Water Fair @ Cloyne 
Saturday, Sept. 26th 11am-2pm
The goal of the water fair is to give a value-add to participants: in the form of knowledge, swag items, and information about local water conservation groups that people can become involved with now or in the future. And to inform members of the current BSC wide water conservation competition.
Bring a t-shirt to screen-print the CO-OP logo and/or a water conservation graphic
There will be some mini workshop/ info talks hosted by co-op members that are geared to help houses learn to conserve water
And tons of information about each house's water usage.
Join the fun.
We hope to see you there! 
Cooperatively Yours, 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.