Member Resources Newsletter August 8th, 2016

Member Resources Newsletter

August 8th, 2016
“August is one of my favorite months, when the nights are long and deep and crackling fire makes you think of many things at once and nothing at all at the same time. It’s about these heat and cold which allow you to touch the eternity for a few moments.” — Designed by Igor Izhik from Canada.

It looks like summer is coming to a close, and the school year is fast approaching. Are you looking for a job during the school year? A fellowship? Or simply some light work to make a little money and still focus on your school work? Then this newsletter may be just what you're looking for! Take a look at the opportunities presented in this newsletter and see if any of them are for you! Just don't forget to keep an eye out for the secret word...

The BSC often needs temporary workers to assist in operations when workloads increase or when assigned workers are absent. We are now accepting applications from members interested in on-call job opportunities. There is no guarantee that work will be available, which departments will need workers, or the duration of assignment.


Workshift Rate, currently $13.00/hr. for actual hours worked. No benefits are associated with this position.


Must complete an I-9 and safety training with the BSC.

Types of jobs:

CFS (central warehouse) shifts, operational work (e.g. move-out and cleaning crews), and clerical work.

To apply:

Follow this link

For more information:

Please contact the Operations Assistant

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 510-848-1936
Fall semester is fast approaching -- so are rent payments! BSC jobs are a great way to lower your rent and get valuable job experience!
BSC jobs can be used to fulfill your work shift requirement in the room and board houses AND offer a rent credit for hours beyond the 5-hour work shift requirement. Apartment residents can receive a rent credit equivalent to $13/hour. Co-op jobs are a great way to add to your resume and get valuable real-world experience!
Currently available jobs (click the links for more info!):
  • Conduct Committee Member
    ~ covers 2 hrs/week of workshift requirement for house residents; apartment residents receive a rent credit of $26/week~
    ~ great way to get involved ~
  • Publications Coordinator
    ~ 9-12 hrs/week ~ $13/hr ~
    ~ covers workshift requirement and provides a rent credit of $297 - $519 per payment period for house residents; apartment residents receive a rent credit of $668 - $891 per payment period.
    ~ great resume booster ~
Both positions are available for work-study compensation.
Applications are due Friday, August 12th at 5pm.
To apply, complete the attached application and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find the application online at the HiCom website.

Manager training is almost here! It runs from Saturday, August 13th- Friday, August 19th, 2016. You can find the specific times and dates you need to attend here.

Do your best to make it to your training sessions! If a manager misses a mandatory training, their unit incurs a fine, and the unit can choose to pass that fine on to the individual manager. The fine amount for each absent manager is $13/hour X the number of hours of the training. All managers that miss a mandatory training are also required to attend make-up training before their compensation can begin. The full policy regarding attendance at manager training can be found here.

At Program yoUr Future, we believe in the power of the collective. Our Fellows aspire to be a part of something big! We are a diverse and dynamic community of learners and doers who challenge and support one another to grow and strive to be better every day. We celebrate successes and learn from failures. We believe in a better world for our next generation and are ready to invest our best effort and hard work into creating better learning opportunities and outcomes for students.

Responsibilities: Assist students in workshops conducted by our Professors and Lab Scientists, Work in teams on digital projects, Design and conduct innovative activities on your own!

Benefits Include:
  • Spend the summer interning in PUF Programs!
  • High-tech Networking and Resume-building opportunities
  • Exclusive fully-paid trips to local tech companies and museums
  • Build long term relationships and a professional network for life
  • Letters of Recommendation, Fellowship Certificate, and SWAG bag
  • Potential to secure full-time leadership position
  • Transportation Shuttle Passes and/or Parking Permits Provided
  • Participate in exclusive intern lunches and follow-up activities during the academic year
Apply Now!
First day of the program will begin on August 2 at 9 AM. Resumes may be reviewed for both current and future opportunities after this date. The earlier you apply, the greater the chance for opportunities.
That's all for this newsletter! Hope y'all enjoyed it. If you have any questions or submissions for the next newsletter, shoot me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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