We raised $102,118! Thank You!

Graduation 2017 photo

2017.04 Special Give Banner


Dear Friends and Alumni of the BSC,


Thank you! In 5 days, 380 of you gave back, helping us meet our Special Give goal. We raised $102,118!


We are so grateful for your support and affirmation that the Berkeley Student Cooperative is an important cause to support, not just a student lifestyle!We announced the campaign results to our newest alumni at BSC Graduation last evening (picture at the bottom of this message).


2017 Special Give Calendar (Last)


Thank you for your words of encouragement. We cherish your confidence in our ability to meet our mission -- providing affordable, cooperative housing for students who need it to stay in school!


Special Thanks to the Special Give Volunteer Team. You overcame busy schedules and technology hurdles to help the BSC build relationships with our alumni and friends. You are dear to the BSC: Judy Bertelsen, Nancy Brigham Blattel, John Ehrlich, Patrick Ford, Steve Greenberg, Margie (Greene) Guillory, Nick Hamilton, Jon Lampman, Michelle Nacouzi, Bonnie Prestridge, Elissa Roy, Karen Tkach Tuzman, Michael Tripp, Alfred Twu, and Steve Wood.


Thank you to Special Give Co-Chairs, Al Davenport, Richard Lira, and Tori Partridge, for inspiring teamwork and camaraderie. We are grateful for your counsel.


Finally, Special Thanks to our Challenge Donors, for investing in the future of the BSC and motivating other alumni to give back.


Ted Akulian

Joel Beam  

Victor Bloomfield

Ladd Coates

Narsai David

Al Davenport

John Ehrlich

Steve Greenberg

Lee Halterman

Sara Ishikawa 

Richard Lira 

Bob Reyes

Omar Shakill

Ruth Spear

Arthur & Sue Walenta

Steve Wood

Anonymous (Cloyne)

Anonymous (Barrington)




Thank you for being part of the BSC!


In Gratitude,


Kevin Ramirez, BSC President

Kim Benson, BSC Executive Director

Madeleine Loh, BSC Development Director