Articles of Incorporation Member Ballot

The BSC needs your input urgently! The BSC is in the process of revising our Articles of Incorporation to comply with state law. If we do not amend a specific clause by the timeline set by the BOE (CA Board of Equalization), the BSC will lose its tax-exempt status. Losing our exempt status would mean 1) member rates go up and 2) it would be harder for the BSC to get donations.

The law (CA Corporations Code) requires a member-wide vote to alter the dissolution clause of our Articles of Incorporation, with 1/3rd of membership voting to approve. The BSC Board of Directors has voted to alter our dissolution clause so that in the unlikely event that the BSC dissolves, all BSC property and assets will go to the Sogorea Te' land trust rather than the University of California, which is currently listed as the recipient. We now need to conduct a member vote to confirm the clause and deliver results to the BOE.

Please fill out THIS ballot no later than Wednesday, March 23rd (3/23) in order to meet our deadline and ensure the BSC maintains its tax-exempt status!! You may access the ballot through the BSC's website

If you have any questions, please see the FAQ attached to the Ballot. You can also contact"