BSC MEMBERS DIGEST -- May 28, 2024

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Happenings In The Member Resources Department

WRITTEN BY PORTIA LEWIS (Member Resources Coordinator)

Hello from the Member Resources Department & welcome to the Co-ops!

We are so excited you are moving into the Berkeley Student Cooperative - as you will soon come to find out the BSC has a 90-year long history of providing affordable, cooperative housing to generations of students! You are now a part of this incredible legacy & community - and this comes with individual & collective responsibility.

To orient you to your new cooperative home, you are expected to complete the following Central-Level New Member Orientation (NMO) mandatory requirements;

Keep an eye out for an email from Tasha, the Member Resources Assistant - with more details on NMO!

The BSC Scholarship Application for the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 Academic Year is now open!

If you are low-income and need assistance paying for your education, we want to help!

The BSC has scholarship $$ - graciously donated by our incredible alumni - that we would love to give to you, to help make living in the co-ops more affordable!

You do NOT need to be a current BSC member to apply for a scholarship. New and prospective BSC members are encouraged to apply! Applications are due on Monday, June 17th, 2024.

Scholarships are disbursed as rent credit and equal to at least 1/6 of your BSC rent each semester. You must be living in the BSC for the 2024-2025 Academic Year - members living in the BSC only for one semester during the relevant academic year will receive the scholarship for that semester only.

All scholarship applicants will be notified as to whether or not they are receiving a scholarship by early July - prior to the July 10th deadline for canceling Fall 2024 contracts without penalty.

Apply Today!

BSC Scholarship Application for Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 Academic Year [Google Form]

Questions about BSC Scholarships? Contact Portia, the BSC's Member Resources Coordinator at

Congratulations to Convent Member, Kaye Bergamont, winner of the BSCAA’s Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Poster Design Contest! <3

Dial 988 for the Suicide Prevention Hotline

The Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association (BSCAA) sponsored this Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Poster Design Contest!

This poster will be printed and sent out to all BSC units to raise awareness about suicide prevention, mental health & wellbeing & community care. Thank you Kaye for creating this poster <3

Campus & Community Events

Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives Co-Op Job Fair

Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NOBAWC pronounced “no boss”) is hosting its second annual Co-op Job Fair - Tuesday, May 28th, 2024 5-8 PM at Humanist Hall, Oakland, CA!

That's right! Who wants to work for a co-op? & To our co-ops: who's hiring?

Your co-op peers are building off our biggest event ever with more MUSIC, NETWORKING, PRESENTATIONS, and MORE. Your coop network has been visiting co-ops all over & we keep hearing one thing: co-ops need workers!! So we're jumping in to support the best — and funnest — way we know how: ANOTHER FREE JOB FAIR!

So spread the call far and wide: we're looking for democratic employers and the job seekers who want to be a part of a broad-based movement for worker power and democratic ownership, aka the NoBAWC leaders of the future!

And by the way, even if your co-op ISN'T actively hiring, you should still come out and table to meet the ~eligible candidates~ for when you WILL need people… because we all know you will ;)

RSVP as an employer, or a job seeker, or a community group that wants to table at

WHAT: A job fair centering worker-owned businesses, nonprofits, & collectives. RSVP at

WHERE: Humanist Hall; 390 27th St, Oakland, CA 94612

WHEN: Tues, May 28th from 5pm-8pm

COST: FREE for tablers & seekers :)

WHO's ORGANIZING?: The Network of Bay Area Worker Co-ops, your local worker co-op network, of course ;)


Berkeley Study Abroad

Student To Student Peer Counseling (SSPC)

Due to the incredible work of SSPC leaders, our Mental Health Working Group, & the BSC Alumni Association SSPC will now allow non-UCB students who are BSC Members to book appointments with their peer counselors!

Lean On Me UC Berkeley

Lean On Me allows students to talk to trained peer Supporters in a convenient and anonymous setting - learn more on Lean On Me’s Website:

”Lean On Me strengthens communities by providing peer-to-peer text lines that allow for easy access to confidential non-crisis support. We envision a world where anyone can seek and receive emotional support.”

Text (650) 275-5766 to connect with a peer Supporter

Free, anonymous, 24/7 peer support

Cooperative Reuse & Cal Move Out

From Anton in CFS,

“Cal Move Out is happening! This is a great time to clear out Free Piles and Furniture Storage rooms. You can drop off and pick up used furniture. You can drop off old nasty mattresses. Chipman Moving will come to your house and pick stuff up. This is all free to those who participate.

Please take a look at this forwarded email and make a plan for your house today!

“Also, Graham is retiring from his position as Dump Run Coordinator at the end of the semester! Three cheers for Graham <3 for being such an important part of the BSC. If you see Graham around, please thank him for his efforts for the last four years. Please spread the word that we will be needing a new Dump Run Coordinator soon and apply through the Hiring Committee.”

Student leaders are also on track to host Cooperative Reuse, the furniture and household item recycling program again this year!

Half price discount for BSC Members at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre!

Current members can follow this link and attend a Berkeley Repertory Theatre show(s) at a half-price rate this season (or just use code BSC50)!

Galileo is running May 5 - June 26, 2024

Read More Details About Galileo on Berkeley Reps website:

How is this possible?! One of our alumni helped found the Berkeley Rep! Get your tickets with this link. This offer does not include opening nights and is limited to 1 discounted ticket per person.

Reach out to me anytime at or come visit me in my standing ‘Office Hours’ Fridays 10-11:30am!

Portia Lewis

CZ '18-20, Rochdale '20-21, HiP '21

BSCAA President '23-'24



Hello Dearest Coopers!

You must be a current member to work a BSC member job.

When hired, most positions can be continued to the following term!


Unless stated otherwise, jobs fulfill workshift and any extra hours are compensated with a $22/hr rent credit.

HiCom emails OFTEN go to SPAM. To prevent missing out on interviews and jobs, please add "" to your contacts.

Before filling out the BSC Job Application 2023-2024 (Google Form), please review these Tips for applicants.

Central Food Services

Summer only: Summer Recycling Assistant

  • 8 hrs./wk.
  • Must have 6 hours of availability Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm..
  • Must be willing and able to drive a truck (automatic), have a valid California Driver’s License and a good driving record.
  • Must be willing and able to lift up to 50 lbs repeatedly.
  • Must have knowledge of recycling & re-use programs.

Starting in Fall: Waste Reduction Coordinator

  • 12 hrs./wk.
  • Must have 8 hours of availability during CFS working hours.
  • Must be willing and able to drive a truck (automatic), have a valid California Driver’s License and a good driving record.
  • Must be willing and able to lift up to 50 lbs repeatedly.
  • Must have knowledge of recycling & re-use programs.

Conduct Committee

Conduct Member Advisor

  • 11 hrs./wk.
  • Must have Strong Organizational Skills
  • Should have Experience with interviews

Starting in Fall:Restorative Justice Practitioner

  • up to 70 hours per semester
  • RJ Practitioners will be trained in Restorative Practice (RP), Restorative Justice (RJ) and other forms of conflict resolution.
  • Responsible for providing services in these areas for members and managers in the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

Development and Alumni Relations

ASAP and ongoing: Development and Alumni Relations Committee (Dar Com!)

  • 5 hrs./wk.
  • Aid with fundraising and alumni relations!
  • Help with BSC events!
  • Possibly the most fun job in the BSC.

Cooperative Experience/Member Resources

Starting in Fall: Member Resources Assistant

  • 17 hrs./wk.
  • Preference will be given to former house managers.
  • Provides support for and assistance to the Member Resources Coordinator in their duties, including
    the organization and development of training programs, New Member Orientation, NASCO Institute,
    correspondence and research, clerical support and budget monitoring.


Starting in Summer: Recruitment Assistant

  • 5hrs./wk.
  • Help the BSC recruit and retain our targeted demographics.
  • Manage BSC tabling at the Gender Equity Resource Center, Transfer Student Center, and Multicultural Community Center.
  • Must be familiar with UC Berkeley student life.


Starting in Summer: Administrative Member Advisor

  • 8 hrs./wk.
  • Be the primary resource for members making requests to the BSC Administrative Committee.
  • Attend all Administrative Committee (AdCom) meetings, and AdHoc meetings, screening meetings.
  • Assist members with requests to the AdCom and appeals.

Summer only: Network Manager Coordinator

  • 8 hrs./wk.
  • Be the primary resource for house level Network Managers.
  • Promote the availability of peer technical assistance among Network Managers.
  • Must have experience installing, maintaining and trouble-shooting at least one of the following types of routing/QOS devices, switches, and access points: Cisco, custom Linux-based solutions, Linksys, etc.
  • Must have experience with network and computer hardware trouble-shooting and documentation; experience with DHCP, DNS, NAT, and WINS management; and experience in creating network documentation.

Senior Management

Starting in Summer: Hiring Committee Member

  • Up to 30 hours a semester.
  • Help recruit for BSC member jobs.
  • Sit in on interviews for member positions over 10hrs/week.
  • Vote on best candidates for roles over 10 hrs/week.

Starting in Fall:Committee Administrative Assistant

  • 5hrs./wk.
  • Four Jobs Available: One for each Committee: Please specify which committee(s) you are interested in assisting.
  • Internal Affairs Committee (IACom)
  • Capital and Finance Committee (CFCom)
  • Experience and Training Committee (ETCom)
  • External Affairs Committee (EACom)
  • This job is 100% REMOTE and requires the AA to have a working laptop/computer and stable internet access.
  • Must commit and attend all scheduled weekly meetings on time
  • Typically on either Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday evenings.
  • Must be experienced in Google Suite and type at least 70 WPM.
  • Experience with taking and transcribing meeting minutes strongly preferred.
  • Must be reliable and punctual.
  • This is a 5-hour/week position fulfilling your five-hours a week workshift requirement.
  • Strong preference to candidates who do not hold another BSC position or house manager position.

Want to get Board, Cabinet and Committee Updates, Meeting Agendas, and Announcements?

Come join the Members At Large listserv if you are interested in learning about the discussions that take place at Board, Cabinet and Committee spaces and receive Board updates, agendas and announcements. Please click the following link to join or rejoin as the listserv was recently reset:

Housing Department

Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor will be holding regular Advising/Office Hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Schedule an office visit with Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor.

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