Resources and next steps from the General Membership Meeting

WRITTEN BY JOSH LAVINE (Spring 2022 GMM Planning Committee)

Hello all,

Thank you to the houses and members who made it out to the Spring 2022 General Membership Meeting! (And no worries for those who weren’t able to.) We’re following up to share with all members several resources of interest:

The Board has been busy since GMM (Board Pack), so we’ve tasked the Summer Committee with comprehensively turning members’ input into SumCon 2022 Cabinet directives and other action items. This can include Board and/or staff initiatives during summer or this coming year, as well as the three-year Strategic Plan next year’s Board will be putting together.

That said, we have a lot of important takeaways and next steps forming around some of the things we discussed:

  • Considering membership eligibility expansion and low-income verification, which members were very enthused about, is on the directives for the Internal Affairs Committee. There is also a directive for all committees to examine the budget, in the interest of reducing rent for members.
  • The Save Rochdale coalition met last Tuesday and will be reconvening (after finals) by mid-May, when the lease negotiation team is supposed to have held a follow-up discussion with UC Berkeley officials. You can find more info about the coalition and next steps here: The Save Rochdale Coalition Moving Forward/GMM
  • If you’re interested in getting involved, be sure to sign up for the members-at-large listserv, where you can get direct notice of all Board and committee meetings. All members have the rights and privileges of membership to propose and fully participate in discussions, as well as make motions for the committee, Cabinet, or Board to vote on.
  • Or (even better) run for Board (and/or SumCom / Cabinet)! Reach out to your House President if interested, and feel free to reach out to BSC President Dylan Williams ( and/or Board and Executive Assistant Zoe Wan ( with any questions. There will also be lower-stakes member-at-large applications in the Fall.

Thank you again—this is your Spring 2022 GMM Planning Committee signing off!

Vicente, Dylan, Cherod, Noah, Ben, Zoe W., Ricardo, and Josh

Member Jobs Wanted!

WRITTEN BY TOMI CHUNG (Hiring Committee Chair)

Apply for Summer Jobs Now!

Dear Co-opers,

Do you want to support your community? Do you need professional development or work experience? Are you hanging out at the BSC during the summer of 2022? We are now hiring for BSC jobs during the summer and we hope you're interested!

The application will remain open until filled.

Below are the current open positions:

AdCom Assistant

Central Office Receptionist

Content Creation Lead

COVID Action Team Student Leader

Development and Alumni Relations Committee Member

Hiring Committee Member

Non-Perishables Coordinator (2)

Recruitment Coordinator

Social Manager Coordinator

Summer Delivery Coordinator

Apply on the BSC’s hiring website: HICOM.BSC.COOP. Please email if you have any questions or concerns. We will get back to you in less than 5 business days!


The Hiring Committee

Apply to be a California 100 Futures Fellow!

Young Californians are essential to enacting meaningful change as we envision a more vibrant future for our next century. California 100, a transformative new initiative, is calling on young leaders and organizers across college campuses to join our statewide coalition as a California 100 Futures Fellow. Write a Youth Manifesto for the future of California, lead a Youth Summit in Spring 2023, and help spark a movement.

We are looking for passionate leaders and organizers with deep interest and expertise in student advocacy & government, media, design, policy, innovation, and other creative disciplines. Learn more and apply at CALIFORNIA100.ORG/YOUTH

Click here to learn more about the California 100 Futures Fellows (PDF).

Important Scholarship information included for Fall 2022/Spring 2023

WRITTEN BY BRENDA COOK (Development Director)

  • Forward to friends who are interested in living in the BSC next year!
  • Reminder: prepare your FAFSA or California Dream Act Application for 2022-23. This information is REQUIRED to be considered for the BSC Scholarship!

The scholarship application is now open! The BSC Scholarship supports our 501(c)(3) mission of removing barriers to higher education for low-income and traditionally marginalized students and empowering them with community-building skills that they can take into the future. We are grateful to the many BSC alumni who have contributed to BSC Scholarships. Applications are due June 1, 2022.

The BSC will notify applicants of results after June 15 and before the July 7, 2022 deadline for canceling Fall 2022 contracts without penalty. New BSC applicants are encouraged to apply! You do NOT need to be a current BSC resident to apply for a BSC scholarship. The scholarship is in the form of rent credit FOR BSC HOUSING ONLY. Your scholarship will be 1/6 of your rent each semester. Example: If the rent for a room and board house is normally $3,384/semester, the rent will be reduced to $2,820/semester for a scholarship recipient. You must be living in the BSC and a full-time student in order to receive the scholarship in each semester. The estimated time required to complete this form is 10 minutes. You cannot save an incomplete application; you must complete it all at once. IF YOU MADE A MISTAKE IN YOUR APPLICATION, just start a new application and we will disregard the application with the older timestamp. We rely on financial need information from your school. Please make sure your FAFSA/ California Dream Act and all verifications are timely submitted to the financial aid office of your school. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATED EMAIL CONFIRMATION after you submit this application.

Questions? Contact Brenda Cook at Please review your application before you submit the form.

COVID-19 Testing Information and Resources


The University Health Services offers two types of testing on campus: symptomatic/clinical tests and surveillance/asymptomatic tests. All testing can be ordered online at eTang, where you will be guided to the appropriate testing site.

COVID-19 Booster Shots:

  • Johnson and Johnson Booster Shot:
  • It is recommended that you get a booster shot 2 months after your initial dose of the vaccine
  • Moderna and Pfizer Booster Shots:
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded booster shot eligibility on November 19th 2021. It is now available for everyone 18+ who was fully vaccinated at least 6 months ago.
  • You are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your second vaccine dose.

Other Resources and UC Berkeley Cases:

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