BSC MEMBERS DIGEST -- October 25, 2021

Rochdale Lease & Retrofit Update

WRITTEN BY DAVE CHELSEA-SEIFERT (Acting Executive Director/Operations Manager)

Hi folks! This is the first of what will be regular updates on current developments in the Rochdale lease renewal and seismic retrofit project. Your President, Olivia Kehoe, and VP of External Affairs, Victor Vasquez, each sent very thorough, informative updates on the lease renewal and seismic work, respectively, last week, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. I'll just pick up where they left off with news from the past week.


The one-year lease extension offered by the University of California was reviewed at the Cabinet meeting on Oct. 21. At the suggestion of the Cabinet and other members, the lease team sent the offer back to UC with the following requests: 1) Extend the lease one additional year to 5/31/23, and 2) Remove the reference to the seismic retrofit work being completed by 11/30/22. We also received feedback from our attorney on their lease extension as originally offered as well as our requests. As written, the lease extension allowed for the end date of the lease and of the seismic retrofit work to be modified by both us and UC, and the attorney believed that it was already flexible and vague enough to be acceptable, but we wanted to ask for more time up front for added security and to avoid having to turn around and ask for more time in just a few months. We are awaiting UC's response to our requests, and we hope to have them in time for discussion at the upcoming Board meeting on Thursday, Oct. 28.

Seismic Retrofit

There is not much to report in the past week. We have the preliminary architectural plans, budget, and schedule in place and have sent them to the UC Office of the President (UCOP). The next step is to develop a plan for financing the work. NASCO will be helping us to develop a ten-year projected budget for the BSC that takes the Rochdale retrofit into account. This is a crucial tool that we will need regardless of how we end up financing the project or who we end up working with. Our accounting firm is working with our Accounting Dept. to provide the financial reports necessary to create this ten-year look forward. Once these reports are ready, NASCO will get to work on the budget projection. We are looking at the end of November for the budget projection to be complete.

Since this is a six-year, six-phase project this offers us flexibility in funding sources and the ability to diversify funding more in the later stages of the project. The first stage will begin in May 2022, and there is not enough time to get government funding this soon, but for following years we can pursue government grants as well as conventional loans, nontraditional loans, and private donations.



Important Notes:

  • Because the BSC is classified as a “congregate living facility”, the public health orders for us may be different from what you see on social media or the news.
  • You are not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after your final dose

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Office Hours

COVID Testing

  • UC Berkeley offers free surveillance testing for registered UC Berkeley students at the RSF. In order to get tested, you have to schedule an appointment through the etang portal. For Instructions for scheduling appointments.
  • For Free COVID-19 testing resources.
  • We strongly encourage BSC members to test if exposed or presenting with symptoms related to COVID-19. We are encouraging testing to mitigate the risk of transmission within the household. We want to make sure that we take precautions for the health and safety of our fellow community members.


  • The BSC urges all members to get vaccinated, if they can. We do not require vaccination, nor will staff or managers collect private medical information from members or their guests.

A Tribute to Marc Castel

Marc Castel

The tributes below are to Marc Castel, a former BSC member, who passed away in March of 2021. Marc was an active member of the BSC Conduct Committee and his death was unexpected and tragic. We wanted to share some tributes written by his fellow Conduct Committee members to honor a wonderful co-oper.

From Joseph Fierro:

About two years ago, I was hired as Co-Conduct Committee Chair for the BSC. I am fortunate to work alongside a staff whose good intentions have been limitless for low-income housing. Many job positions within the BSC, such as mine, are run by students ourselves and the positions continuously cycle back and forth with new ones. Last year, shortly after the pandemic started, our awesome conduct committee team received a new hire by the name of Marc Castel. I’ve seen people come and go during my time as Co-Conduct Committee Chair. It is easy at times to get accustomed to new hires and working with new people. Marc Castel was truly different however. Marc was highly intelligent, hard-working, and most importantly an empathetic person… Continue reading Joseph Fierro's tribute to Marc. (PDF)

From Catherine Rose Lopez:

Marc was my coworker for a little under a year. During that time I never got to meet him in person, only over Zoom and we exchanged several emails and texts to stay in touch about our job. Marc was always kind and attentive every time I needed something. We were in the same position and he definitely outshined me by going above and beyond in every capacity and I was always so impressed. I attended Marc’s service with a few other coworkers and that is the moment I got to hear all about Marc’s story and who he was as a person on a deeper level. It was obvious that he was incredibly loved and touched so many people’s lives from all of the stories I heard… Continue reading Catherine Rose Lopez's tribute to Marc. (PDF).

From Ivan Alexander Chavez:

I knew Marc for a while. I remember being extremely excited for the new upcoming conduct member advisor, making remarks about the talent that a potential person could bring to the position. Wouldn’t you know it, Marc filled every box. He was attentive, caring, hard working, and extremely responsible. When I came to a meeting nervous and feeling a little unprepared, Marc helped so much to just steer the meeting into the right direction. He was someone I really admired, truly… Continue reading Ivan Alexander Chavez's tribute to Marc. (PDF)

From Andie Janos:

Marc Castel was one of the very first hires I made at the BSC, and I feel so fortunate to have known and worked with him. During the nine months we worked together, I came to think of Marc as my right hand, and more than seven months after his passing, I still miss his presence very much. Marc was extraordinary—in so many ways—stellar communication and analytical skills coupled with a sense of purpose and maturity beyond his years. Marc showed incredible initiative in his position as Conduct

Member Advisor,... Continue reading Andie Janos's tribute to Marc. (PDF)

Announcing the BSC Living Hxstory Wiki!

WRITTEN BY SYLVIA (Wiki facilitator and alum) / Josh Lavine (Cooperative Experience Consultant)

Looking for a place to learn about the BSC's past and present? Want to contribute your own experiences and knowledge to future generations? Tired of reinventing the wheel in working towards a better BSC?

Check out

This is a community-controlled website (called a "Wiki") where we can collaborate on writing these stories together.

There are already some great articles about the co-ops worth reading, but much more can be added to make this a better resource. Please share with your friends and house-members! We are also hoping to offer compensation to contributors in the coming months or year.

If you have questions about how to get involved, are confused by the software, or need help making your first (or tenth!) edit, please don't even hesitate to send us an email:

The project is hosted by the BSC Alumni Association, and independently run.

The Collegiate Recovery Program at Cal (CRP)

WRITTEN BY BECCA GARDNER (CRP Coordinator) / JOSH LAVINE (Cooperative Experience Consultant)

The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is a peer-supportive community for students in or seeking recovery that aims to empower its members to succeed academically, professionally and personally. The program is returning with services at the start of Spring semester which will include on-campus recovery meetings and sober social get-togethers. For current opportunities to get involved with CRP, please email the program coordinator, Becca ( Students in all stages of recovery are welcome to participate and share their input by filling out this survey.

An info graphic for UC Berkeley's Center for Support and Intervention

The Collegiate Recovery Program at Cal

A community for students in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use or addiction of any kind.

Returning Spring Semester 2022 with:

  • On-Campus Recovery Meetings
  • Sober social events
  • Individual and group support
  • Service and Outreach activities


Center for Support and Intervention

Contact CRP staff:



East Bay Clothing Benefit

If you had a chance to participate in the East Bay Clothing Benefit last Thursday,

organized by Dress for Success, please complete the Dress for Success post survey.

If you didn’t quite find the pieces of clothing you need, they would be happy to schedule a time for you to visit their boutique at Union Square, San Francisco.

Below is a list of programs that they offer to any woman. Also, check out the Dress for Success flyer! (PDF)!

  • Virtual Mentoring – One-on-one session with our career mentors over Zoom to help clients prep for interviews, resume review, cover letter writing, mock interview, help with LinkedIn Profile and/or mentoring.
  • Digital Career Center: You can also find job search resources on our career center site See our upcoming bi-monthly classes. Our next one is at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3rd on ”Goal Setting”. Clients will need to register in advance in order to get the Zoom link.
  • Going Places Network: Six-week job search program that meets on Thursdays from 10–11:30am. Next cohort will start in February.
  • Professional Women’s Group: Our Employment Retention Program which is a monthly networking group, our monthly topics include Leadership, Financial Planning, Health & Wellness, Written/Unwritten Rules of the Workforce, and Work/Life Balance. This is only open to our clients that are currently employed.
  • Career Wardrobe Program: We offer appointments for professional clothing in our boutique on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please complete our intake form, it should take about 10 minutes. There is an option on the form to let us know which of our programs you’re interested in and I will follow up with you individually based on what you check off.

Need a job?

WRITTEN BY TOMI CHUNG (Hiring Committee Chair)

Looking for a job that works with your busy student schedule? Want to get paid $18.00/hr and gain valuable work experience? Look no further! The BSC has you covered! We have a variety of jobs for Fall 2021. Positions will remain open until filled. Details can be found at Questions? Please email Tomi Chung, the Hiring Committee Chair, at

Fall 2021 Positions:

** Urgently Hiring

Food, Childcare and other Economic Assistance

California, the federal government, and local governments and organizations have a number of programs and services to help people who may be short on money due to the pandemic. We have put together a list of services below, along with links that provide information on who qualifies and how to apply. I hope you find this helpful and that you share it with others who might also need this information. This newsletter from Senator Nancy Skimmer provides more details.

Fall 2021 House Account Budget Report (HABR) as of October 22, 2021

WRITTEN BY KATIE ALDUCIN (Accounts Payable Specialist)

Happy Spooky Season Co-Opers!

Attached is the House Account Budget Report as of October 22, 2021.

Please open, and take a look at both the Summary and Detail reports. The Summary provides an overview of your house's finances and accounts, while the Detail gives you your transaction history. You can find your apartment/house tab along the bottom to view your unit's report.

If you need any clarification or are interested to learn more about your house's finances please don't hesitate to reach out:

Here are links to the HABR Fall Summary sheet and HABR Fall Detail sheet.

Committee Meetings and Office Hours

Rafael Grillo, one of BSC's Non-Executive Cabinet Members (NECMs) wanted to share with you the following list of resources to access Committee Meeting discussions and to be able to contact Cabinet members at Central level. This resource, still under construction, includes information on Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Meetings and office hours. This document will be updated on a regular basis so be sure to check back regularly! BSC Resource Sheet


2424 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709
(In front of Casa Zimbabwe)
Central Office: (510) 848-1936
Central Food & Supplies: (510) 549-5969
Central Maintenance: (510) 549-5965
Business Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-5PM