Cooperatively Yours, Spring 2021

Casa zimbabwe residents sitting on the rail in front of the BSC

As of this posting, The Berkeley Student Cooperative has 0 laboratory-confirmed cases. Throughout the pandemic, the BSC has enjoyed an exemplary COVID safety record. In this issue of Cooperatively Yours, we applaud the members, student leaders, and staff who made it possible for the BSC to provide a college living experience that is safe, communal, and far below the market rate.

We are also very happy to introduce to you our new Interim Executive Director, Teena Lorie Harris!

And, our annual Special Give campaign begins next week! Stay tuned for inspiring stories from students and our Special Give Volunteers. All donations will be matched by our generous Challenge Donors.

Cooperatively Yours,
Madeleine Loh, BSC Development Director

PS: The Berkeley Student Cooperative publishes Cooperatively Yours in the Fall and Spring and gets mailed to all alumni and friends. Update your contact information here so we can keep you updated on local events and news!

Our Interim Executive Director

Teena Lorie Harris believes everyone deserves to have affordable, safe, and well placed housing. She has extensive leadership experience in the real estate industry as well as Qumbya Housing Cooperative in the South Side of Chicago, and will serve on Board of Directors of NASCO.

Thank you 2020 Donors

Thank you to all the donors who supported the BSC in 2020. A good number of you have been loyal donors for many years, even decades!

We are so grateful to Mark "Whacker" Clapham (Barrington Hall) and Barbara Christianson (also Barrington Hall) for leaving a bequest to the BSC. "It is the memories I am repaying with this bequest and hope it provides someone their first opportunity for a life as lucky as mine has been."

Goodbye Friends

The BSC has had to say goodbye to many alumni friends in the past year. We give tribute to beloved supporters like Tom Sutak, Dolores Powell, and Rochelle Brock.

Rodney Ferguson

After Cooperatively Yours was published, Rodney Ferguson passed suddenly. Rodney was USCA President in 1984, and was treasured and appreciated by alumni and staff for his lifelong stewardship of friendships and connections. Rodney's friends have started a campaign to raise $25,000 towards the establishment of a permanently endowed Rodney Ferguson Memorial Scholarship Fund, to benefit our lowest-income students. Over $12,000 has been raised so far.

Read more about Rodney and contribute to the Rodney Ferguson Memorial Campaign.

Read more about all of these stories in Cooperatively Yours, the BSC's monthly newsletter.