COVID-19 Move In Guidelines for Fall Residents

Dear all Co-opers,

We look forward to welcoming you back (or for the first time!) soon for the Fall term. We would like to briefly share some COVID-19 guidelines for move-in.

For those who are fully vaccinated:

  • If you are a UC Berkeley student who did not get vaccinated through UHS, please upload your vaccination records to eTang.
  • If you are an international student coming from abroad, we ask you to self-sequester for seven days upon move-in. We would also like to ask you to get tested five days after arrival.
  • If you are not an international student, you do not need to self-sequester.

For those who are NOT fully vaccinated:

You are considered not fully vaccinated if:

  1. You have not received any vaccination.
  2. You have only received one dose of a two-dose vaccine (i.e. Pfizer or Moderna).
  3. It has been less than two weeks since you received your second dose for Pfizer/Moderna or your single dose for Johnson & Johnson.

For everyone:

  • Please wear a mask in common areas.
  • Anyone helping you move in should be either vaccinated or have been tested negative within the last 5 days.
What does self sequestering mean?
Sequestration is a proactive measure for preventing the spread of infection. During self-sequestration, you should:
  • Remain out of common areas.
  • Leave your room only when necessary.
  • Work with your manager team to get food delivered to your room.
  • Use a bathroom specifically designated for those sequestering.


Anyone helping you move in should be either vaccinated or have been tested negative within the last 5 days. People helping you move in should be limited to two (2) persons, wearing masks at all times while in common areas.



    • Each member can host only one (1) guest at a time
    • Permitted only if both the member and guest are fully vaccinated
    • Guests should visit outdoors (preferably) or in your room, but not in common spaces
    • Guests and members are not required to provide proof of vaccination or other private medical information.

    • Masks are required indoors in common/shared space at all times.
    • Masks are not required outdoors unless you are unvaccinated, COVID-symptomatic, immunocompromised, or when social distancing cannot be maintained.

    • Gatherings must be held outdoors. Maximum capacity in indoor spaces is 6 people unless your unit requests an increase.
    • BSC members may gather in outdoor common spaces with other members of their unit - no guests at gatherings.
    • Social distancing should be maintained.

    • Okay if approval by Council:

      • Free piles
      • More restrictive guest or mask guidelines
    • Less restrictive mask and guest guidelines are not permitted, even if approved by Council, because they are dictated by public health regulations.

These GUIDELINES are derived from documents posted on the BSC web site. Members are encouraged to review the BSC Co-Living Policy and BSC Health & Safety Protocols.

The Emergency Response Team


Emergency Response Team
The Emergency Response Team (ERT) oversees the overall BSC guidelines and strategic direction. The ERT can be reached at

COVID-19 Action Team
The COVID-19 Action Team (CAT) responds to positive cases and other operational activities. The CAT can be reached at