Post-Thanksgiving Reminder from the ERT

Dear BSC Members,

We would like to welcome back any and all members who have traveled outside of Berkeley this Thanksgiving break. As we head into RRR week and Finals week, the ERT would like to encourage members to get tested for COVID-19 if they have traveled outside of Berkeley. Last year after Thanksgiving, we saw a large spike in cases both within the BSC and in the nation as a whole as we entered the Holiday season. This year, thanks to the availability of vaccines, we are hoping for a reduced increase in cases this year. However, vaccinations do not diminish the importance of getting regularly tested.

Testing Information and Resources:

  • If possible, please get tested once you arrive back at UC Berkeley. Many of your BSC peers are going to be taking final exams soon, and it would suck if they got sick right before finals. Testing is free for all students, and only takes a couple of minutes of your time. Thank you for doing your part in keeping the BSC (and UC Berkeley students as a whole) safe, happy and healthy!

    • The University Health Services offers two types of testing on campus: symptomatic/clinical tests and surveillance/asymptomatic tests. All testing can be ordered online at eTang, where you will be guided to the appropriate testing site.

Covid Booster Shots:

  • Johnson and Johnson Booster Shot:

    • It is recommended that you get a booster shot 2 months after your initial dose of the vaccine

  • Moderna and Pfizer Booster Shots:

    • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expanded booster shot eligibility on November 19th 2021. It is now available for everyone 18+ who was fully vaccinated at least 6 months ago.

      • You are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your second vaccine dose.

Omicron COVID-19 Variant Discovered in South Africa, First Case in San Francisco Confirmed:

Other Resources and UC Berkeley Cases:

We hope that this information has been helpful. Once again, out of respect for your peers, please get tested so that everyone can be healthy for RRR week and finals. If you do test positive returning to Berkeley, please contact the COVID-19 Action Team as soon as possible at so that we can properly help you and give you any resources you may need. If you have any questions about this email, or questions in general, please contact the Emergency Response Team at

As always, stay safe, happy and healthy. Best of luck on all your finals!

-Emergency Response Team