The Save Rochdale Block Party Was a Success!

Hello All!

The Save Rochdale Block Party was a success! We received media coverage Seismic Retrofit May Shake Students Out of Affordable Housing at UC Berkeley, ate some delicious food, vibed with spectacular performers, and heard great speeches from BSC and community organization members. The Save Rochdale Coalition would like to give a big shout-out and thank everyone who contributed to bringing this event to life! We could not have done it without your support!

Thank you all who donated directly to the Save Rochdale Coalition and the collaboration of 924 Gilman, East Bay Food Not Bombs, the Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association, Central Food Service of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, and the home we all love so much the Berkeley Student Cooperative!

Thank you to the speakers and community organizations that shared heartfelt messages with us.

Thank you to our amazing performers who shared their talents and creative energy with us;

  • Mechanical Grandma

  • Catalogues

  • Dogs Need God (IG @dogsneedgod)

  • Helen Guo

  • Slutty Henry aka Clem & Pepe

  • Raccoon Hospital

  • Ari, Tree, and DJ Yao

Last but certainly not least thank you to all of the volunteers <3, members & staff of the Berkeley Student Cooperative, and members of the Save Rochdale Coalition that contributed their free time and energy to making the Block Party happen! If you have any pictures/videos of the Block Party, you are welcome to upload them here.

The Save Rochdale Block Party is only the beginning!

The Save Rochdale Coalition will be continuing meetings over the summer with new meeting times. If you are interested in participating this summer, please fill out this when2meet on your availability. We hope to have you there!

Let's keep the momentum from the Block Party going!



Save Rochdale Coalition Team