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We raised $279,377 last week! You are amazing!

In tribute to the future you are helping to create, I list below our graduating members’ majors and career hopes. Thank you for giving them the friendships, learning experiences, and values they can draw from for the rest of their lives.

The BSC is grateful to our Lead Donors and Challenge Donors for driving our Special Give campaign: Ted Leo Akulian, Victor Bloomfield, Mitchell Bonner, Michael Burke, Allen Davenport, Steve Greenberg, Barbara Hughes, Sara Ishikawa, Jakob Karstens, Rick Kent, Niels Laughlin, Richard Laursen, Afsheen Lebastchi, Peter Linquiti, Richard Lira, Gabriel Nava Marino, Kaye McKee, Anonymous, Bob Reyes & Jeff Deetz, Omar Shakill, Mark H. Shapiro, George Soohoo, Ruth Spear, Gretchen Taylor, Deniz Tuncer, Barbara Wood, Stephen R. Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Sandy Young

SPECIAL THANKS to our growing team of 20+ volunteers, led by Allen Davenport, Jonathan Lampman, Kathleen McCully, Stephen R. Wood, and Kreig Zimmerman

BSC Graduates of 2021 (major, future)

Education, Elementary School Teacher
Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy
Molecular Environmental Biology, Medical School/Podiatry School
Education, Elementary Teacher
Public Health, Air Force
Mechanical Engineering, Grad School
Sociology, Counselor
Public Policy, N/A
Nutritional Sciences/Physiology, Medical School
Peace and Conflict Studies, Teach For America followed by law school
Anthropology, Journalism
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Industry
Mathematics, Data Science
History, N/A
Development Studies, Human Security and Peacebuilding
English, Government mob
English, N/A
Public Health, Epidemiologist
English, N/A
Cognitive Science, Developmental Cognition Research
Sustainable Environmental Design, Landscape Architect
American Studies/Journalism, Entertainment Industry
History, Legal Research
History, Education and public policy
Political Science, Community Organizing
Economics, Research
Sociology, N/A
Conservation and Resource Studies, N/A
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Clinical Laboratory Technician
Ethnic Studies/Chicano Studies, Law School
Political Science, Masters in Public Administration
Media Studies, Digital Marketing
Marine Science, Grad School in Marine Biology
Social Welfare, Masters in School Counseling
Public Policy, Local Government
Integrative Biology, Medical School
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Software Engineering
Global Studies, Sales Representative
History/Spanish Literature, N/A
Mechanical Engineering, Research Internship
Public Health, Masters
Sociology, Counseling
Gender and Women’s Studies, Community Clinic
Cognitive Science, Grad School
Political Science, Law School
Social Welfare, DCAC Fellow
Political Science and Legal Studies, Working
Cognitive Science/Computer Science, Industry
Society and Environment, Grad School
Molecular Environmental Biology, Quality Control Associate
Molecular and Cellular Biology/South & Southeast Asian Studies, Grad School
Social Welfare, Working
Sociology/Education, Pre-K Teacher
Music, N/A
Public-Interest Cybersecurity, Unsure
Computer Science/Cognitive Science, Entrepreneur
Media Studies, Entertainment
Environmental Economics/Society and Environment, Unsure
Integrative Biology, Grad School for chiropractor
Molecular and Cellular Biology, N/A
Legal Studies, Federal Public Service
Applied Mathematics, Finance, Operations
Computer Science, Tech
Civil and Environmental Engineering, N/A
Legal Studies/Public Policy, N/A
Political Science, N/A
Mechanical Engineering, Teaching and Engineering Consulting
Mechanical Engineering, Tech
Society and Environment, Research
Global Studies, Grad School
Conservation and Resource Studies, Grad School
Economics, Finance
Political Economy, Grad School
Economics, Tech Consulting
Interdisciplinary Studies, Grad School
Sociology, Unsure
Applied Mathematics, Grad School
Theater and Performance Studies, Media
Sociology, Affordable Housing Development/Grad School for Public Policy
Public Health, Grad School for Public Health
Economics, IT Consulting
Global Studies, Journalism
English, Teaching
Comparative Literature/Near Eastern Studies, Grad School
Anthropology/Sociology, Forensic Science
Interdisciplinary Studies, Photography, Art
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Psychologist
Media Studies, Public Relations
Political Science/Society and Environment, Masters in Journalism
Political Science, Law School
Astrophysics, N/A
Sociology, Teach For America
Sociology/Legal Studies, Fellowship
Integrative Biology, Medical School
Math, Masters in Education
Molecular and Cellular Biology, N/A
Data Science, GIS/Data Analyst
Sustainable Environmental Design, Going Abroad
Economics/Urban Studies, Real Estate Development/Affordable Housing
Political Science, Child Therapist
Sociology, Employed at UC Berkeley
Psychology, Social Work
Anthropology, Health Fellowship
Bioengineering, Industry and then Grad School
Cognitive Science, Data Manager
English/Anthropology, Work and then Grad School
Cognitive Science, Sexual Health Education
Ethnic Studies, N/A
Interdisciplinary Studies, Law School
Political Economy, Work
Public Health, Work
Film, College counselor, public relations
Education, Elementary School Teacher
Molecular Environmental Biology, Grad School
Media Studies, Media Outreach
Psychology, Restorative Justice
Sociology/Art, Higher Education
Landscape Architecture, N/A
Psychology/Legal Studies, PhD in Clinical Psychology
Sociology, Fellowship
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Undecided
Political Science, Federal Government
Linguistics, Air Force
Gender and Women’s Studies/Ethnic Studies, N/A
Global Studies, Peace Corp
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Grad School
Global Studies, Non-profit
Sociology, Law School
Society and Environment/Ethnic Studies, Non profit
Sociology, Teaching
Film, Production Assistant
Anthropology, Park Service
Music, N/A
Sociology, Postdoc
Cognitive Science, Research
Computer Science, Software Engineer
Marine Biology, Masters
Environmental Economics, Fashion Journalism
Conservation and Resource Studies, N/A
Applied Mathematics, Community Organizing
Energy Engineering, N/A
English/Political Science, Law School
Philosophy, Grad School
Environmental Economics, Research Data Analysis
Legal Studies, Finance
English/Legal Studies, Law School
English/Legal Studies, Law School
Environmental Science, Workaway on a farm
Anthropology, Masters in Public Health
Society and Environment, EMT
Scandavanian Studies, Grad School
Industrial Engineering, Data Science

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