Special Give 2022, Day 1

The Berkeley Student Cooperative's Special Give 2022


Monday, April 25th 2022,

Dear BSC Alum and Friends,

Many of you are opening your windows and letting the fresh air of Spring infuse your lungs and living space. Breathe it in, take it in and greet all that spring is engendering. Not only is winter turning to spring, but we are all shaking out the cobwebs and cleaning out the myriad feelings and experiences of the pandemic while thinking about what we have learned. We are all in the same state of mind at some level, somewhat disillusioned, but filled with hope for a new time, even if wary that there could be more impacts of the pandemic around the corner.

It is a new day, however, as we live and breathe, and turn again to that which is most important to co-opers - resilience, trust in each other, and supporting that which is most important to us. Below are just a few comments from Co-op Members who are sending in their support for Special Give:

“I lived at Kidd, Ridge and Rochdale. I bought a multi-unit home with some of my Ridge housemates and we have our own little grown up coop still going”—Katrina Glaeser

“The BSC was transformative for me. The community loved and supported me through cancer, and my Board experience shifted my career path too! I lived in Hoyt, Davis, Castro, and Kingman.”—Sam Rounds

There are so many more thoughts, attesting to an amazing experience of Living, Working, and Aspiring with your fellow human beings! You have these same thoughts and feelings and then some! Please consider activating these intense feelings of renewal and connection by participating in Special Give—Spring into Action. The time is now because everything you can do to financially support the BSC during Special Give is matched!

Additional ways to expand your gift and take advantage of Special Give:

  • Make your gift Monthly
  • Seek Matching support from your company
  • Enlist a few of your fellow Co-opers to support Special Give
  • Consider a Multi-Year Pledge

This is Renewal for you and your fellow, current co-op students and a time to reinvigorate the incredible spirit of the Cooperative Movement.

You can make your gift online by going to www.bsc.coop/donate or return the giving form in the Appeal letter you recently received.