Special Give 2022, Day 2

The Berkeley Student Cooperative's Special Give 2022


Wow, have you considered Springing into Action yet for the Berkley Student Cooperative?

There’s lots of Spring into Action going on around the Co-op and Houses! Many of the actions are in areas that donors fund!

  • Students are applying for Co-op Scholarships to decrease their house rent for the fall
  • Many post-Covid maintenance projects are being done in the area of Cost Improvement
  • The Rochdale Coalition is planning its first big Block Party and Protest Walk on Friday, April 29th to garner increased community support for affordable housing and raise awareness of the unsigned lease and expensive retrofit project hovering over Member’s heads for Rochdale
  • A Graduation Party sponsored by the BSCAA is coming up on May 2nd and students are excitedly in the throes of major decision-making around life’s goals

We know, you know what this is all about because you are Co-opers too! Help us make the important transitions of life and career stay more affordable and available to both those who otherwise cannot afford higher education and those who are also accessibility disabled.

We are counting on you Springing into Action with us!

You can make your gift online by going to www.bsc.coop/donate or return the giving form in the Appeal letter you recently received.