Special Give 2022, Day 3

The Berkeley Student Cooperative's Special Give 2022


We know you are still there, reading these emails - perhaps already having made a gift (Thank You!) and perhaps still pondering what you might do! We want you to know that you will always be part of Our Cooperative Community, a community that lives on, in the best of the spirit of the Cooperative Experience. We are even betting that many or you are still living the values of the Cooperative Living and Learning Experience.

This is the third day of Special Give and I am asking you how you feel you are still living the cooperative experience and whether you will share that with me, so we can share it in the upcoming BSC newsletter, Cooperatively Living! Yes—be spontaneous and let us know—we want to hear your voice!

Tell Your Story First about Cooperative Living!

You can make your gift online by going to www.bsc.coop/donate or return the giving form in the Appeal letter you recently received.