Special Give 2022, Day 4

The Berkeley Student Cooperative's Special Give 2022


Whew, this week has been a whirlwind and there is more yet to come! I appreciate all of you who have responded to our request to support Special Give. Of course, you all realize that our alums have actually provided the $150,000 match that now needs to be matched by other alums to raise a total of $300,000! When I say, alums, I mean fellow co-opers who care enough to put this type of reinforcement behind your giving as an incentive to you! They believe that this is a worthy and unforgettable type of organization - supporting the cooperative movement for affordable student housing and a unique learning lifestyle.

If you haven’t already…

  • Get on board
  • Put your money where your values are
  • Take a stand
  • Support social justice and equity
  • Support the future
  • It’s as simple as making a monthly gift online at www.bsc.coop/donate.


  • Reach out to some of your fellow co-opers!

More than ever, our values need to be sustained!