Special Give 2022, Day 5

The Berkeley Student Cooperative's Special Give 2022


If you do not know what day this is, know it now! Today is the day of the Rochdale March and Block Party to raise awareness and support for Rochdale in our quest to renew our lease from UC Berkeley and obtain $30M to $40M to retrofit and improve disabled access to the Rochdale Complex!

What an incredible time it is! Built in the ‘70’s, Rochdale now needs a significant retrofit as part of the UC Berkeley-wide retrofit process in order to continue its important mission! Serving first gen students, largely Latinx, transfer students, Rochdale serves a significant need for students attending Berkeley. CA has made a vast effort to make UC education broadly available, but without housing, it is not!

Whether your support is in the form of Scholarships, Cost Improvements (which can include retrofit) or just where students need the most help, your dollars of support make a huge difference and that says it all.

What does cooperative mean? Everybody doing their share, right?

Now is the time to give back!

You can make your gift online by going to www.bsc.coop/donate or return the giving form in the Appeal letter you recently received.