Hi all,

Last year's Board officially voted to endorse TOPA ( on behalf of the BSC and I would love any individual supporters to come out for this. 

While I think this is good generally for the Berkeley community, the BSC could benefit immensely from TOPA being a thing in a hypothetical future situation where a group of tenants primarily composed of students wanted to organize for the BSC to control their building.



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Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 3:11 PM
Subject: TOPA NEEDS YOUR HELP - 2 Actions This Week
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Hello TOPA Advocate,

I'm not exaggerating when I say the ONLY way we can ensure TOPA is passed by the end of next month is with the help of our supporters - YOU. We truly need your help this week.

As we come closer to the City Council summer break, TOPA needs all the support it can get. The bill is ready to be brought in front of the Council and now all we need is public pressure to ensure this will happen.

Here's what we need from you this week.

  1. Come to the Berkeley City Council Meeting. This Tuesday the 14th at 6PM. Show up at the beginning of the virtual meeting this Tuesday the 14th at 6pm and express your support for TOPA in their public comment section.
    CLICK HERE for the link to the Berkeley City Council Zoom call.
  2. Come to the Rent Board Meeting. This Thursday the 16th at 7PM. Come and speak in support of TOPA at this month's Berkeley Rent Board Meeting where they will be voting on a resolution in support of TOPA.
    CLICK HERE for the link to the rent board Zoom meeting.
  3. Send an EMAIL to the City Council. Use our Email Action Link and it will take you less than 2 minutes. Even if you've sent one before, or not, send an email THIS WEEK.
    CLICK HERE for the link to EMAIL to the City Council.

All of your support has been outstanding. Now we just need to bring this across the finish line.

I will send out a quick public comment guide. If you have your own personal story, please consider sharing that. Please do contact me with any further questions.

Misha Perez (he/him)

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Tomi Chung (she/her)
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