Right now, TOPA needs the full support of its Endorsing Organizations. TOPA is on the edge of being brought in front of the Berkeley City Council and we have the required 5 YES votes. All Mayor Arreguin has to do is bring the bill in front of the council. We need our community to apply pressure on the Mayor and council. Please help us support TOPA by utilizing your organization's influence - you can help even if you are not primarily based in Berkeley.

How BSC can help this week - I have provided a prewritten email for you to send to your members if needed:

1. Ask your members to sign and support our petition. We started a petition last week urging Mayor Arreguin to put TOPA up for a vote. Anyone can sign this petition.

2. Ask your members to send an email to the Mayor and City Council - they can use our prewritten email action to save time and stay on message.

3. Share our Social media posts promoting the petition.

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As a heads up, soon I will be asking all endorsing organizations to send a letter of support for TOPA. I will include a draft for you to utilize.

Thank you so much for standing with us as an endorsing organization. Your help will be a deciding factor in this campaign.

Misha Perez
(On behalf of the TOPA Work Group)
Misha Perez (he/him)

(510) 548-7878, ext. 350
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