Workshift opportunities in the Co-Op

Hello Co-Opers,

Members living in room & board houses are required to complete five hours of workshift per week. While most workshifts happen in your house, there are also many opportunities to complete your workshift hours at the central level and make a little extra on top if you’re interested—below are some details. If you have any questions about central workshift in general, please contact

Central Level Workshifts

You can complete all or part of your five-hour-a-week workshift requirement at the central level if selected. You will need to fill out the application on or before January 23rd.

Some available workshifts include:

  • Administrative Assistant workshifts: take minutes for various Committee meetings
  • Central Food & Supplies (CFS) workshifts: receive and pack food & supplies for delivery to the co-ops; help with deliveries on occasion, if interested.

Fill out this Google Form to apply.

Paid Workshift Opportunities

The central level, especially CFS, needs extra help consistently, either to accomplish extra projects or to cover for missed or blown workshifts.

If you’re interested in paid workshift opportunities, please complete this paid workshift application. If you’ve been on the on-call list and/or completed paid work at CFS in previous semesters, you still need to fill out the application. You will be required to complete Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Safety Training, and an I-9 (if you have not already) before you can be approved to complete paid workshift at your unit and/or the central level. CO & CFS will email or call the on-call list when extra labor is needed—we can also schedule regular paid workshifts if they are mutually beneficial.

Jacki Kingkade
Operations Assistant