Summer Apartments

The Co-op Apartments during Summer

During the summer, the apartments are an option for new members as many apartment residents leave for the summer. Because all the rooms in the apartments are single bedrooms, they may be more difficult to get an assignment in than the houses where new members are likely to have shared rooms. For fall and spring, only UC Berkeley students may live in Rochdale and Fenwick: during the summer, you must meet the summer eligibility requirements.

For the summer only, you do not need to be a UC Berkeley student to live in the Rochdale and Fenwick Apartments (as long as you are otherwise eligible).

The BSC apartment complexes have studios and one, two , three and four bedroom apartments. All rooms are single occupancy. Each resident is guaranteed a bed, desk, dresser, and chair. If any of these things are not there when you arrive, just ask your manager.

Each apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, and a living/dining area. All kitchens include a refrigerator, a stove and cabinet space.

We keep our costs low because member help with the upkeep of the common areas. Everything that needs to  get done is divided into "workshifts." Every apartment resident is expected to complete between six and twelve hours of workshift during the summer, Examples of apartment workshifts are: weeding the garden and landscaping, recycling, and common area clean up.