Summer Houses

The Co-op Houses during Summer

The houses have single, double, and triple rooms (a few houses have quads). You will select your permanent room and roommates after you move in during room bids. New members should expect to share a bedroom.

The houses have from 10 to 94 bedrooms and features such as:

  • large communal kitchens and dining rooms
  • shared common spaces (living rooms, TV rooms porches, roof decks, backyards, gardens and other hang-out spaces)
  • various amenities depending on the house (hot tubs,¬†view of the bay, basketball court, sauna, tree house, ...)

Sharing common spaces connects people and builds a sense of community. Sharing chores and running a house democratically creates the trust and positive relationships among housemates that can be absent in other living situations.

Houses offering food during summer will be: Castro, Davis, Hoyt, Kingman, Lothlorien, and Wilde. All other houses will be open for Room-Only during Summer 2020.

In houses without food, the workshift requirement is generally 3 hours per week. In room and board houses, the workshift requirement is generally 5 hours per week, each house, however, may change the workshift requirement to suit their needs.