Alumni Information

Strengthening our alumni network is a priority for the BSC!

We are deeply grateful to generations of alumni who made the BSC into what it is today and continue to contribute to our mission: helping students afford a college education and have the most meaningful experience possible in student-run cooperative housing.

We love hearing from alumni! Contact the Development Director at (510) 848-1936 or

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Visit your old home in the BSC! Our students welcome you back. Stop by the Central Office (2424 Ridge Road) first to ensure we have students to show you around, or contact the House President in advance:


Castro (Person of Color Theme House):

Casa Zimbabwe:

Cloyne Court:


Davis House:

Euclid Hall:

Fenwick Weavers Village:

Hillegass Parker:

Hoyt Hall:

Kidd Hall:

Kingman Hall:


Northside Apartments:

Ridge House:

Rochdale Village:

Sherman Hall:

Stebbins Hall:

Oscar Wilde:

Wolf House:

A group photo of BSC Alumni.