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Things to know before you submit your $25 non-refundable registration fee:

1. To live in our co-ops, you must meet the student eligibility requirements for membership.

View eligibility requirements

2. There is a non-refundable $25.00 registration fee. 
Until you pay this fee, you do not have an active registration on file.

3. Residents of the Rochdale/Fenwick apartments are required to contribute 12 hours of labor (typically cleaning or chores related to their unit) per academic semester. Residents of co-op houses are required to contribute 5 hours per week during the academic semester. 

During the Summer, residents of the Rochdale/Fenwick apartments are required to complete 6 hours of workshift per six week session and residents of the houses complete 5 hours of workshift per week.

4. We give priority for housing assignments to people in the following categories:
a. Those who have previously been BSC members
b. Students with disabilities - must be confirmed in writing by the Disabled Students Program at your college.
c. Members of other student housing co-ops – we give special priority on our waiting list if you send us a letter from your other co-op indicating that you were a member in good standing. . The co-op must belong to NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation)
d. International students coming to UC Berkeley as part of the Education Abroad Program - we can generally verify your participation if you email us and let us know that you are a part of the reciprocal exchange program
e. Participants in UC Berkeley’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - To get the EOP prioirty, please contact EOP and ask them to put you on the list for the co-op.  Once they have added you to the list, please call (510) 848-1936 or email us at and we will update your application to give you the priority. Transfer students - please send us verification by email and we will update your application and undocumented students - please call our office and talk to Betsy Putnam, Housing Supervisor (510) 848-1936.

5. If you are interested in living in Convent or Hillegass/Parker, you must provide verification of eligibility to live there before you will be considered for an assignment to either of these co-ops.
For Convent, you must be a graduate or re-entry student attending UC Berkeley. For Hillegass Parker, you must be a graduate or re-entry student (UC Berkeley and other colleges/universities).

6. During the Academic Year, you must be an officially registered UC Berkeley student to live in Cloyne Court, Rochdale Village, and Fenwick Weaver’s Village.
To live at Convent you must be a registered UC Berkeley graduate or UC Berkeley re-entry student (defined as over age 25).

7. During Summer, you must be an officially registered UC Berkeley student (Spring or Fall) or enrolled in 5 or more units at UCB during the Summer to live in Cloyne Court.
You do not need to be a UC Berkeley student to live in the other co-ops as long as you otherwise meet the summer eligibility requirements.

8. After you pay the non-refundable $25 registration fee, you will be assigned a BSC application number.
Application numbers are assigned chronologically and are used to determine your place on any given waiting list regardless of when you join it. In other words, if you apply for one semester, and subsequently transfer your application to a different semester, we will use your application number, along with any seniority points or special priority, to determine your place on the waiting list (rather than placing you at the bottom of the waiting list). The sooner your register, the better, as your application number gets better with time.

9. How we order all waiting lists:
a. First by co-op seniority points (members receive 1 point every semester and .75 for summer).
b. People with EOP, Disabled, and/or Transfer student priority.                    
c. People with Boarder priority.                                                                                                                  
d. People with EAP or other Co-op priority.                                                                                                
e. All new applicants in application number order

*People with the same amount of priority are ordered by application number. 

Application numbers are assigned chronologically by the date the registration fee is paid.

Register to Become a Member

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