The BSC comprises a community of students and employees who believe in equality, solidarity, education and caring for others.  The BSC strives to be an organization in which each member is able to meaningfully contribute to its operation and participate in its activities.  The BSC recognizes the ability of all members, including those with different physical and nonvisible abilities, to strengthen our community and play an integral role in its success.  The BSC continues to promote inclusiveness and the organization responds to the reality of disability by educating its members and the community and by directly addressing disability related issues in our policy.  For more information please view our policy or contact your House President.

Qualifying for Accommodations

In order to qualify for housing and workshift accommodation in the BSC, the member will need to complete the BSC Accommodations Intake Process. In addition, the member will need to have their accommodation request form filled out by their healthcare provider (Primary Physician, Medical Doctor, Therapist, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist). The Disability Specialist/Access Consultant at your Disability/Accessibility Services Office are NOT authorized to fill out accommodation forms). Fill out the BSC Accommodations Intake Process form (Google Form). If you have questions about appropriate documentation, verification, or accommodations, please contact Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor, by calling 510-848-1936 ext. 301 during our regular business hours, by email at or schedule a zoom appointment (Calendly).


The BSC is an equal opportunity employer and will in no way discriminate against applicants to BSC positions. 

Wherever possible, reasonable accommodation will be made through physical and/or job modifications to allow a physically disabled person to perform a job. In order to increase employment opportunities in general, the co-op will accept and encourage job-sharing proposals wherever feasible. Furthermore, the co-op shall not discriminate in any way because of pregnancy.

BSC Affirmative Action Policy

Visiting and Live-in Attendants

The BSC recognizes that some members employ attendants to provide assistance at certain times of the day.  Attendants may also obtain a contract through the member and live in the house in order to better assist the member.  Because the BSC is committed to creating a safe space for all its members, it is important that all members employing attendants are aware of the expectations the organization has of them and their attendants.

Addressing Inappropriate Conduct

Because the attendant’s contract is obtained through the supervising member, the member is responsible for the attendant's actions just as they would be for a guest.  If the actions of an attendant contribute to creating an unsafe environment in the house, it is the supervising member’s responsibility to address the situation and ensure that the attendant conducts him/herself in a manner appropriate to living in the house.  In extreme cases the removal of the attendant may become necessary.  If the member fails to promptly address the situation, they may lose their attendant privileges.

Rent Payment

It is also the member’s responsibility to make sure the rent is paid for the attendant’s room.  If the member fails to ensure that the rent is paid for the attendant’s room, or if the member severs their relationship with the attendant, it then becomes the member’s responsibility to make sure the attendant moves out of the house or apartment.  If Central level involvement becomes necessary, the member will incur any fees associated with the attendant’s removal and may lose attendant privileges.

Questions and Comments

The writing of policy specifying attendant and member responsibilities is an ongoing process.  Questions about procedure and comments that might contribute to the formation of policy should be referred to House Presidents.