Other Cooperatives

The Berkeley Student Cooperative is one among many cooperatives on campus, in the Bay Area, and worldwide.

Cooperatives at UC Berkeley
Name Product or Service Website Location
Berkeley Student Food Collective Sandwiches, snacks, and bulk food foodcollective.org 2440 Bancroft
BicyCal Bike repair and parts bicycal.com Lower Sproul
Bay Area Housing Cooperatives & Organizations
Bay Area Community Land Trust http://bayareaclt.org/
Cooperative Roots http://www.cooperativeroots.org/
San Francisco Community Land Trust http://www.sfclt.org/
Student Housing Cooperatives

This is a list of student co-ops near the BSC as well as some of the larger organizations in North America.  For a directory of student cooperatives, please visit nasco.coop.

Davis, CA Solar Community Housing Association http://schadavis.org/
Davis, CA The Domes (Baggins End) http://daviswiki.org/the_domes
Davis, CA Tri Co-ops http://daviswiki.org/on_campus_co-ops
Los Angeles University Cooperative Housing Association http://www.uchaonline.com/
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op http://www.sbcoop.org/
Santa Cruz Zami House http://www.scruzwiki.org/Zami!_Housing_Co-op
Stanford Stanford Co-ops http://www.stanford.edu/group/coop/cgi-bin/public/wiki.php
Eugene, OR Students' Cooperative Association http://pages.uoregon.edu/asuosch/
Seattle, WA Sherwood http://sherwoodcooperative.org/
Austin, TX College Houses http://www.collegehouses.org/
Austin, TX Inter Cooperative Council http://www.iccaustin.coop/
Ann Arbor, MI Inter Cooperative Council http://www.icc.coop/
Gainesville, FL Cooperative Living Organization http://www.cloliving.org
Madison, WI Madison Community Cooperative http://www.madisoncommunity.coop/
Oberlin, OH Oberlin Student Cooperative Association http://osca.csr.oberlin.edu
Waterloo, ON Waterloo Cooperative Residence, Inc. http://www.wcri.coop/
Other Cooperative Organizations
California Center for Cooperative Development Promotes and assists cooperatives http://www.cccd.coop
National Cooperative Business Association Multi-sector industry association http://www.ncba.coop/
North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) Student co-op organization http://nasco.coop
Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives Worker-owned businesses http://nobawc.org/