Right now, TOPA needs the full support of its Endorsing Organizations. TOPA is on the edge of being brought in front of the Berkeley City Council and we have the required 5 YES votes. All Mayor Arreguin has to do is bring the bill in front of the council. We need our community to apply pressure on

Special Give 2022, Day 5

FIFTH DAY OF SPECAL GIVE 2022 If you do not know what day this is, know it now! Today is the day of the Rochdale March and Block Party to raise awareness and support for Rochdale in our quest to renew our lease from UC Berkeley and obtain $30M to $40M to retrofit and improve disabled access to the

Special Give 2022, Day 4

FOURTH DAY SPECIAL GIVE 2022 Whew, this week has been a whirlwind and there is more yet to come! I appreciate all of you who have responded to our request to support Special Give. Of course, you all realize that our alums have actually provided the $150,000 match that now needs to be matched by

Special Give 2022, Day 3

DAY THREE SPECIAL GIVE 2022 We know you are still there, reading these emails - perhaps already having made a gift (Thank You!) and perhaps still pondering what you might do! We want you to know that you will always be part of Our Cooperative Community, a community that lives on, in the best of the

Special Give 2022, Day 2

SECOND DAY SPECIAL GIVE 2022 Wow, have you considered Springing into Action yet for the Berkley Student Cooperative? There’s lots of Spring into Action going on around the Co-op and Houses! Many of the actions are in areas that donors fund! Students are applying for Co-op Scholarships to decrease

Special Give 2022, Day 1

FIRST DAY SPECIAL GIVE 2022 Monday, April 25th 2022, Dear BSC Alum and Friends, Many of you are opening your windows and letting the fresh air of Spring infuse your lungs and living space. Breathe it in, take it in and greet all that spring is engendering. Not only is winter turning to spring, but

Apply for BSC Jobs!

Looking for a job that works with your busy student schedule this coming fall? Want to get paid $18.00/hr and gain valuable work experience? Look no further! The BSC has you covered! Explore the BSC's open positions on the Hiring Committee's page!

J&J Vaccine Clinics May

Dear undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, As the semester is winding down and many are ready for summer to begin, we want to take this opportunity to encourage you, if you already haven’t gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, to get one now as appointments and vaccines are more widely available

Special Give 2021 Success!

WE DID IT! We raised $279,377 last week! You are amazing! In tribute to the future you are helping to create, I list below our graduating members’ majors and career hopes. Thank you for giving them the friendships, learning experiences, and values they can draw from for the rest of their lives. The