Workshift Requirement

Workshifter's chopping onions for a meal. We keep our costs low because the resident-members run the day-to day operation of their co-op. Everything that needs to get done is divided into "workshifts" and every co-op resident is expected to contribute a specific number of work hours (see below for details). By setting up an orderly division of labor, we can better ensure that everyone does their share and no one gets stuck with all the work. Everyone contributing this small amount of labor not only helps to keep down the costs of living in the co-ops but also increases members’ involvement in their housing community and gives them control of its condition.

Number of workshift hours required

Residents of the apartments are required to contribute 12 hours per academic semester, 12 hours per full summer, and 6 hours per 6-week summer contract period.

Residents of co-op houses are required to contribute 5 hours per week during the academic semester and during the summer regardless of whether they have food service.

Examples of Workshifts

Workshifts in the houses include: washing dishes or pots, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming common areas, cleaning the hot tub, weeding the garden, cooking meals, etc.

In addition, houses have some members do their workshifts in Central Office (clerical/bookkeeping), Central Kitchen (food distribution), the Board of Directors (Administrative Assistants). These positions offer co-opers experience which may be useful later when applying for jobs or graduate school.

Examples of workshifts in the co-op apartments are: weeding the garden and landscaping, recycling, helping in the office, sweeping, and common area clean up.

The Workshift Manager

A resident of the co-op houses is elected by the residents to be the Workshift Manager. This manager will collect information from you when you move in about when you are available to work, and if you have any special talents, chore preferences, or disability-related workshift accommodations.