New Member Info

We are excited about your arrival and wish you a successful transition to co-op living.

If questions or concerns arise, please contact us at (510) 848-1936 or and we will be glad to assist you.

Contract Period

Fall and Spring academic year contract dates: August 18, 2023 and ending May 11, 2024.

Spring only contract dates: January 12, 2024 and ending May 11, 2024.

Summer/Fall 2024 dates will be set around November.

New Member Orientation

Please read the important information for new members.

All new members are required to attend a central level new member orientation.  Central level orientation provides an overview of the BSC's central services, such as member resources, housing, and accounting, as well as our overall organizational structure. At central level orientation you'll find out about the many opportunities and resources available to you as a member that will help you thrive in our unique organization. 

All new members are required to attend one central level new member orientation in addition to any house/apartment level orientation you may have. You will be FINED $25 if you do not attend one central level orientation. Orientation meeting dates and times will be posted when they are available.

Student Eligibility

During each academic semester of co-op residency, all members must be able to prove their eligibility to live in the co-op. Please see the student eligibility guidelines for specific criteria.


In order to transfer for Fall or Spring, you must first have a signed Fall/Spring contract. The "after move-in" transfer request forms for each term will be available through the Member Portal beginning the first date of the contract term. If we are unable to transfer you, then your are committed to your current coop location.

Fall residents who would like to transfer for the Spring term will be given the opportunity to submit a request in October. Spring residents who would like to move units for upcoming Summer and/or Fall terms, will be given this option in February. 

Directions to the BSC

Please see our Maps and Directions page.

Detailed Instructions from San Francisco Airport: PDF JPG

Moving In

Your house or apartment manager will check you in and give you a room assignment and keys.  If you are moving into a co-op house, when you first move into the co-ops, you will have a temporary room, and you’ll be assigned to a temporary roommate. Why? So that you can have time to get familiar with the house and meet all your potential roommates for the semester! Permanent rooms are selected within the first two weeks at Room Bids.

Arriving Late?

If you plan on arriving after the move-in date, you must let us know in writing your arrival date, by email, at

What to bring?

All rooms in the houses and apartments come with a desk, chair, bed, mattress, and dresser.  Please bring your own bedding.  Our mattresses are 38"x80" or 60"x80" (the smaller size is "extra long twin.")  If you are moving into a house, you do not need to bring your own dishes, utensils, or kitchen equipment - this is all provided.  Rochdale, Fenwick, and most of the houses also have "free rooms" with clothing and supplies left behind by residents who have moved out. 

Car parking is limited in Berkeley.  If you are interested in purchasing a parking space for the semester, please contact your house manager

Subletting and Pets

Subletting is prohibited. Warm-blooded animals are not allowed in the co-ops. Subletting or pet ownership can result in termination of your contract with penalty.

If you have problem when you arrive

The beginning of the semester can be a chaotic time as your managers may be new and workshifts are not yet assigned. If you do have problems or questions regarding the furnishings or condition of your room or apartment, please contact your house or apartment manager. If they are unable to solve the problem, contact Central Office. If you feel that you need immediate assistance, and it is move-in weekend, please email  We will be checking the emails over move-in weekend.


Once you sign a contract, it may be very expensive to cancel.  All cancellations result in a $150 cancellation fee PLUS rent charges until/if you are replaced in the co-op system. If your space in the co-op system is not filled, you will remain financially responsible for rent charges for the duration of the contract term. All cancellations must be submitted through the BSC Member Portal.   


There is a $50 membership fee in your first semester of residence. All residents must also pay a security deposit of $250 ($175 for EOP members). The security deposit is refundable after the end of the last semester of residence and you can request the refund through the member portal. Semester rent payments are made in three equal installments. Your first payment is due with your contract (unless you obtain a payment deferment).

Housing Safety Information

View lots of good information on how to live safely in your co-op.


For general questions, such as payment or policies, email  For house specific questions, such as move-in logistics, parking, rooms, food, please contact your house manager.

You can also review our Policy Directory for a full list of BSC rules and processes.

All Residents

For announcements throughout the semester, visit  Bookmark it!  Make it your home page! You can also follow our Facebook page.