Boarding Meal Contract Info & Rates

ATTENTION! Meal contracts temporarily suspended during pandemic.

The information on this page is no longer accurate and will be updated as soon as the pandemic allows.

Not living in a BSC room and board house but want to eat your meals at a co-op? Board at the BSC!

Could massive fridges stocked full of dairy, meat, condiments, produce, etc. available 24/7 be a dream come true? How about having healthy and diverse dinners cooked for you? It's possible, and all for an affordable price! Eating your meals at a co-op is a great way to experience co-op life without the full commitment of living there. Boarders for 10 consecutive weeks during a semester gives you priority for housing assignment in future semesters.  You must be a full-time student working toward a recognized academic goal to be eligible for a board contract.


The fridges, freezers, and pantries of our houses are kept stocked with food ordered and delivered through the BSC Central Food & Supplies.


All of our houses have commercial kitchens stocked with cooking appliances that you are welcome to use anytime.


Enjoy home cooked meals provided to you by other house members. Many of our houses cook dinner 5 to 7 days a week.


With 17 houses surrounding the campus to choose from, there is bound to be a co-op house near you! Several of our co-op houses are wheelchair accessible (Kidd Hall, Wolf House, Person of Color Theme House (Castro), CZ, Convent, Sherman Hall, Cloyne Court, and the Oscar Wilde House).


As a boarder, you are welcomed into the house community. The house community develops close bonds through eating, working and studying with housemates, sharing good times, and participating in group decision-making. Each co-op sponsors events like movie nights, live music, dances, house outings, intramural sports, and workshops on various topics.


By boarding at a coop, you gain "boarder priority" on the waiting list after you have boarded for 10 consecutive weeks during a semester. This gives you priority in case you decide to move into a coop in the future.


To keep the cost so low, you provide 2-3 hours of work a week to the house. For more information about workshifts, check out the Workshift Information page.

Rates and Specific Plan Information

For Summer 2022, board contracts will only be offered to BSC residents living in co-ops without food service.

Note: If you accept a board contract after the term begins, rates are prorated based on the date the contract is accepted and ends on August 13. Board cancellations cost $25 plus three days charges.

Summer 2022 Full board is $738
3 hrs of workshift per week
This is all access to all food, all the time

5-night board is $354
2 hours of workshift per week
Five meals per week

How to sign up

Already in the BSC system? Log in here! Need to sign up? You can do that here!