BSC MEMBERS DIGEST -- April 15, 2024

Happenings In The Member Resources Department

WRITTEN BY PORTIA LEWIS (Member Resources Coordinator)

Revamping the BSC's Member Resource Newsletter

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bi-weekly Member Resources Newsletter? Agreed!

Help me bring it to life - if there are resources you would like to see shared with BSC members submit those to me @

Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Poster Design Contest

We are excited to announce a Poster Design Contest aimed at raising awareness about suicide prevention and mental health. This initiative seeks to encourage creative expression and spread important messages that can save lives and foster a supportive community.


  • Open to individuals of all ages.
  • Participants can be amateurs or professionals in graphic design.

Poster Requirements

  • Theme: All entries must focus on suicide prevention and mental health awareness. The design should convey hope, support, understanding, and the importance of talking about mental health issues and seeking help.


  • Title: Each poster must include a compelling title that reflects the theme.
  • Graphics: The visual component should be powerful and convey the message without the need for excessive text. Examples of graphic themes include:
  • Two individuals engaged in a supportive conversation, illustrating the power of talking and listening.
  • A depiction of someone reaching out for help, with open hands symbolizing support and understanding from the community or individuals.
  • Imagery representing light overcoming darkness, symbolizing hope and recovery.


  • Posters can be created digitally or through traditional artistic methods (painting, drawing, etc.).
  • Digital entries should be submitted in high-resolution JPEG or PNG format. PDF can also be accepted.
  • For non-digital entries, a high-quality photograph or scan of the artwork should be submitted.


There are no strict size requirements for posters. Participants are free to choose a size that best suits their design vision and effectively communicates the message.


Entries must be the original work of the participant and not previously published. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Submission Process

  • Participants should submit their entries at, including their full name, contact information, and a brief description of their poster.
  • The deadline for submissions is April 30th. (May be extended)

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance to the theme of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness.
  • Originality and creativity.
  • Emotional impact and the ability to convey a message visually.
  • Overall aesthetic appeal and design execution.


$200 (sponsored by the BSCAA!)

Terms and Conditions

  • By entering the contest, participants grant the BSC, BSCAA, and SSPC the right to use, reproduce, and distribute their submissions for promotional purposes related to the cause.
  • Decisions by the judging panel will be final and binding.

Contact Information

For any questions or further information, please contact

We are excited to see your contributions and how you use your creativity to shine a light on suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Your artwork has the power to inspire, educate, and support those around you. Let’s come together to make a positive impact through our creativity. Good luck to all participants!

The Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association (BSCAA) is sponsoring this Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Poster Design Contest!

The end goal of the contest is to have the winner's poster put up around BSC units to raise awareness about suicide prevention, mental health & wellbeing (promoting non-Western approaches to health & wellbeing is encouraged), & community care. <3

If You Recently Received Emails From The Central Office Regarding Your Outstanding Balance & A Hold On Your Account - You May Have A Lot Of Questions

What should I do now?

  • To view your account statement, login to the BSC member portal and click “View Account Statement” on the bottom left under the Member Account section.
  • To make a rent payment, login to the BSC member portal and click "View Balance/Make a Payment” on the bottom left under the Member Account section.
  • If you have questions about your account, please contact the Accounting Department at If you call the office and want to speak to someone in Accounting, please press option 2.
  • If you have questions about your housing contract, please contact the Housing Department at If you call the office and want to speak to someone in Housing, please press option 1.
  • For support in connecting to available resources, please contact the Member Resources Coordinator, Portia, at

What if I want to dispute my outstanding balance?

What if I have compensation that I think should have been applied to my account?

I was not able to pay off my outstanding balance by April 3rd, 2024 - can I still submit a payment plan?

What if I owe thousands of dollars on my account (10k-30k)?

  • ASAP First fill out the AdCom Payment Plan Request Form [Google Form]
  • You are also encouraged to submit a payment plan…
  • Short-term = just for the current rent payment → automatically approved
  • Longer-term/larger-scale payment plans need to be approved by AdCom
  • Reach out to Portia at for support in connecting to available financial resources, navigating submitting a payment plan, etc.

What happens if I just move out and don’t pay my rent?

  • This is not a good idea! The BSC Board recently approved sending former members' debt to a Debt Collection agency that will call you and attempt to collect your outstanding rent.
  • We are here to work with you... If you set up a payment plan with us your name will be removed from the debt collectors list!
  • You are encouraged to submit a payment plan BEFORE you move out!!
  • Longer-term/larger-scale payment plans need to be approved by AdCom
  • To apply: First fill out the AdCom Payment Plan Request Form [Google Form]

*Please note that if you have any other holds or have received 15-day notices, e.g. student status, workshift, etc., you must resolve all notices.*

Available Resources ($$)

Resources compiled by other people:

UCB Basic Needs Center Housing Search Resources - I am focusing specifically on funding, but this includes a lot of how-to-find-a-place-to-live resources


BSC Emergency Grant

Can apply at any time - First fill out the AdCom Payment Plan Request Form [Google Form]. It says “payment plan” but you can also use it to request an emergency grant.

You can request $2,500 per request, and receive up to $5,000 per semester.

Will be awarded by Consensus of the Operation Manager (Dave - and the AdCom Assistant ( (I don’t know who this is).

Payment plans

Short-term = just for the current rent payment → automatically approved

longer-term/larger-scale payment plans need to be approved by AdCom

To apply: First fill out the AdCom Payment Plan Request Form [Google Form]

Payment arrangement details: You can submit a request for a payment arrangement to the Administrative Committee for approval using AdCom Payment Plan Request Form. You may contact the AdCom Assistant ( for assistance in preparing and submitting your request. Your request must include a clear schedule of what amounts you will pay by specific dates. This payment arrangement will be automatically approved by the Administrative Committee if your remaining overdue balance will be repaid within a two-month time period. If you request a plan to repay your remaining full balance due over more than two months, your request will be evaluated by the Administrative Committee using its usual criteria and process, which requires 1) an explanation of your circumstances/why you were not able to pay your balance due and 2) what income source you will use to pay your balance due now, along with 3) documentation of both. Please be aware that compliance with approved payment arrangements will be monitored, even for those payment arrangements that were automatically approved.


BSC Scholarship - CLOSED NOW, available next year

Opens once a year

Same limits as emergency grant

Need a FAFSA or CDAA

BSC Jobs

Generally for paid work shift, amount of time and type of work varies. More of a long-term solution, tbh.

Currently hiring for:

  1. Dump Run Coordinator - Summer - 10h/wk
  2. Delivery Coordinator - 12hr/wk
Applying to a BSC Job

Tips for Applicants

Paid workshift at CFS

They always need folks and the $22/hour will be subtracted directly from your outstanding balance!

Paid workshift at your unit

Your unit looking a little gross right now? Talk to your WS manager about doing deep cleans or other habitability related things for $22/hour that will be subtracted directly from your outstanding balance!!


UC Berkeley Basic Needs Emergency Fund (for Berkeley students)

  • Can apply to rent, food, housing deposits, or “other emergency and safety needs”
  • Fill out the Basic Needs Center Assistance Form [Google Form])
  • Response time varies. If you are currently unhoused or in danger of becoming unhoused in the next 72 hours, you will get a priority response. If not, you will get a response within 7-10 business days.
  • The form is relatively long. It is mostly multiple choice, but there are a few paragraph responses required. The most in-depth/important is that you will need to describe your current circumstances (changes in employment/income, increases in expenses, changes in financial obligations, resources already accessed). You will then have to select whether or not you would like to meet with a member of the Basic Needs Center.

UC Berkeley Short-term emergency Loan

More about: Short-Term Emergency Loan - Financial Aid & Scholarships

Living expense loans can be up to $2,000

  • The principal loan amount and administrative fee are due approximately 60 days from the date of the application of the loan.
  • Financial aid awards, loans, or other credits to your account may result in the loan balance being paid before the due date.
  • Funds eligible to pay the loan balance will not be issued as a refund of overpayment until the loan balance is paid-in-full.
  • Borrowers are responsible for repayment whether or not they receive a bill.
  • Financial aid may be able to pay off the short-term emergency loan

Emergency Housing Resources Through UC Berkeley

Other Emergency Needs


College Financial Aid (non UC Berkeley)

First Step To Apply For Financial Aid Is To Complete The FAFSA - FAFSA - APPLY NOW!

Peralta Community College District Financial Aid Info

Berkeley City College Financial Aid Office

College of Alameda Financial Aid Office

Laney College Financial Aid Office

Merritt College Financial Aid Office


City of Berkeley Housing Retention Program 

One time grant of up to $5,000. Stricter requirements than some of the other grants.

  • Must be Berkeley resident
  • Must be at “imminent risk of losing their permanent housing”
  • Your income must be verified by documentation from a third party
  • You must have a signed rental agreement
  • Your monthly income must support your monthly expenses
  • The grant must prevent your eviction
  • You must meet at least one of these requirements:
  • Decrease in income
  • Unexpected medical and/or disability expenses paid without credit
  • Fleeing domestic violence
  • Work-related vehicle expanse
  • Other unexpected significant expense

You will need to have the following documentation:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Picture ID for all household members older than 18
  3. Verification of Current Income for all income included in the budget sheet
  4. A dated Notice of Eviction from landlord stating amount owned for back rent - a 3-day notice of eviction is recommended; the Notice of Eviction must be dated in the current month
  5. Rental Agreement or Lease - if applicant is not on the lease, the lease holder must submit a signed dated letter indicating applicant’s portion of the rent and rent due; If Section 8 Housing or Shelter Plus Care, copy of Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Agreement.
  6. W-9 Form (Tax I.D.) signed by landlord
  7. Proof of Building Ownership is needed if not a BHA property
  8. Documentation showing decrease in income, unexpected medical/disability expense, fleeing domestic violence, or work-related vehicle expense

City of Berkeley COVID Housing Retention Grant

Up to $10,000.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Berkeley resident at imminent risk of losing permanent housing
  • Grant must prevent an eviction OR support housing related financial assistance (rent, future rent, utilities, health and safety home repairs) due to loss of income during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • You must be at or below 80% of the area median income. You need income verification from a third party, or to sign an affidavit stating your current income during COVID.
  • You must meet one of the following:
  • Decrease in income
  • Unexpected medical and/or disability expenses paid without credit
  • Fleeing domestic violence
  • Work-related vehicle expense (vehicle is required for the job supporting documentation from employer may be required)
  • COVID-19 related financial losses
  • Falling behind on rent for other factors to be approved at the discretion of the fund administrator

To apply for a city of Berkeley grant

Call the Berkeley Eviction Defense Center - (510) 452-4541 and tell them your name, phone number, and that you are a Berkeley resident seeking assistance. They will then call you back.


Reach out to me anytime at or come visit me in my standing ‘Office Hours’ Fridays 10-11:30am!



"Community Care Block Party—Living the 7th Cooperative Principle"
Location: Roch/Fen’s Davis Park
Date: Sunday, April 21st, 2024
Time: Noon-6 p.m
Community Care Block Party Flyer

C O - O P    G R A D U A T I O N

~ hosted by the BSC Alumni Association~
Location: Alumni House, 1 Alumni House, Berkeley CA
Date: Tuesday, May 7th, 2024 
Time: 5-9 p.m
Co-op Graduation is open to all BSC members! 
Are you graduating this Spring or Summer or did you graduate in the Fall? Please complete this form if you would like to participate in the Class of 2024 Co-op Graduation ceremony!

Strawberry Creek Walk + Kingman Hall Creek Restoration Project Celebration

~ hosted by the BSC Alumni Association ~
Location: Meet at BSC Central Office, 2424 Ridge Rd, Berkeley, CA
Date: Sunday, April 28th, 2024 
Time: 9:30 AM - Noon PT (Creek Walk)
Then head over to Kingman Hall for KHCR Project Celebration (Time TBA)
*Check out the KHCR project on Instagram - Kingman Hall Creek Restoration*
Graduating this Spring? Remember that all BSC Grads get a year of free Alumni Association (BSCAA) membership! The BSCAA is always looking for coop alums to join the Board for more information contact


Hello All,
The annual People’s Park 55th Anniversary Block Party is now just a week away! This will be an ALL DAY street festival on Saturday, April 20 on Haste/Telegraph St. The folks organizing the event are asking for our community members to pull through and help volunteer for the event. 40+ shifts still need to be filled. Please consider showing up and helping out with any capacity that you have! You can sign up yourself for a Block Party volunteer shift here.

While we may be walled out of our park, the people are still here 55 years strong. Join together for a full day of FREE live performances, hot meals, arts and crafts, games, healing services, political organizing, and more!

Remember: Joy is a powerful tool of resistance. The University and City of Berkeley can use their money and police and political power to attack us over and over but we are still here. This is far from the first time we’ve been forced out of our park- in fact, People’s Park was behind fences for its first 3 years from 1969 till 1972, when Dan Siegel led a crowd of anti-war, anti-Israeli and South African apartheid, and free speech movement protests down Telegraph Ave who tore down the gates. The current border wall and 24 hour security guards around our park only shows how scared they are of our collective might.

(And don't forget that the day after Sunday April 21st 12-6pm is our BSC Block Party at Rochdale & Fenwick’s Davis Park)

In solidarity,
Daria Tehrani (they/them)
BSC Social Coordinator & Consent Chair | Spring 2024


Berkeley Study Abroad

Student To Student Peer Counseling (SSPC)

Due to the incredible work of SSPC leaders, our Mental Health Working Group, & the BSC Alumni Association SSPC will now allow non-UCB students who are BSC Members to book appointments with their peer counselors!

Lean On Me UC Berkeley

Lean On Me allows students to talk to trained peer Supporters in a convenient and anonymous setting - learn more on Lean On Me’s Website

”Lean On Me strengthens communities by providing peer-to-peer text lines that allow for easy access to confidential non-crisis support. We envision a world where anyone can seek and receive emotional support.”

Text (650) 275-5766 to connect with a peer Supporter

Free, anonymous, 24/7 peer support

Cooperative Reuse & Cal Move Out

From Anton in CFS,

“Cal Move Out is happening! This is a great time to clear out Free Piles and Furniture Storage rooms. You can drop off and pick up used furniture. You can drop off old nasty mattresses. Chipman Moving will come to your house and pick stuff up. This is all free to those who participate. Please take a look at this forwarded email and make a plan for your house today!

“Also, Graham is retiring from his position as Dump Run Coordinator at the end of the semester! Three cheers for Graham <3 for being such an important part of the BSC. If you see Graham around, please thank him for his efforts for the last four years. Please spread the word that we will be needing a new Dump Run Coordinator soon and apply through the Hiring Committee.”

Student leaders are also on track to host Cooperative Reuse, the furniture and household item recycling program again this year!

This year from the campus side:

  • Finals end May 10. Commencement is May 11. For some, Move Out begins!
  • It's happening! Cooperative Reuse (furniture recycling, managed by students), staged at Clark Kerr for the 6th year. Dates are May 17 to May 28-ish
  • Cooperative Reuse is led by Tatum Hurley, Zero Waste Fellow, Office of Sustainability (OS), Chair, Zero Waste Coalition; Tiffany Mar Zero Waste Coalition Vice Chair; and Sylvia Cheeseman, Zero Waste Coalition Education Chair with support from GCR, OS and SERC.
  • Check out the Cooperative Reuse instagram for inspiration.
  • Goodwill will be back again this year to collect small household items, books, clothes, small electronics.
  • Chipman Moving has again donated professional moving services to collect reusable household items from student households and deliver them to Clark Kerr.
  • Mattress recycling at Clark Kerr in partnership with Mattress Recycling Coalition
  • The 2024 Move Out Student Coalition will meet soon and is co-convened by Tatum Hurley and with leadership by ASUC EAVP Alex Edgar’s Local Affairs Director Nick Grosch and the Local Affairs team. The Coalition manages outreach and supports all Move Out/Cooperative reuse activities and operations.

Fun Fact: Coöperative Reuse was started by BSC Members! <3

Current members can attend a Berkeley Repertory Theatre show(s) at a half-price rate this season (use code BSC50 or this link)!

How is this possible?! One of our alumni helped found the Berkeley Rep! Get your tickets with this link. This offer does not include opening nights and is limited to 1 discounted ticket per person.

Reach out to me anytime at or come visit me in my standing ‘Office Hours’ Fridays 10-11:30am!

Portia Lewis

CZ '18-20, Rochdale '20-21, HiP '21

BSCAA President '23-'24

Apply for BSC Jobs!


Hello Dearest Coopers!

Positions are filling up quickly, so apply now before there are no jobs left!

Unless stated otherwise, jobs fulfill workshift and any extra hours are compensated with a $22/hr rent credit

HiCom emails OFTEN go to SPAM. To prevent missing out on interviews and jobs, please add "" to your contacts.

Here are the jobs available right now! (Updated February 26th.)

Before filling out the BSC Job Application 2023-2024 (Google Form), please review these Tips for applicants.

Central Food & Supplies

Starting in Summer: Dump Run Coordinator

10 hrs./wk.

Schedule dump runs with unit-level Habitability Coordinators at each unit.

Drive the dump truck to houses, advise members on how to properly load the truck, and help load the truck if necessary.

Drive the dump truck to the Berkeley Transfer Station.

Summer only: Summer Recycling Assistant

8 hrs./wk.

Must have 6 hours of availability Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm.

Must be willing and able to drive a truck (automatic), have a valid California Driver’s License and a good driving record.

Must be willing and able to lift up to 50 lbs repeatedly.

Must have knowledge of recycling & re-use programs.

Summer: Summer Delivery Coordinator

12 hr./wk.

Must be able to drive a truck and have a valid CA license and clean driving record.

Go on Costco runs (and other vendors) with workshifters.

Must be available for two 6 hour shifts or three 4-hour shifts, ideally in afternoons.

Starting in Fall: Waste Reduction Coordinator

12 hrs./wk.

Must have 8 hours of availability during CFS working hours.

Must be willing and able to drive a truck (automatic), have a valid California Driver’s License and a good driving record.

Must be willing and able to lift up to 50 lbs repeatedly.

Must have knowledge of recycling & re-use programs.

Conduct Committee

ASAP and ongoing: Conduct Committee Chair

5 hrs./ wk.

Ensure that the decision-making processes of the Conduct Committee are fair, procedurally sound, efficient, sensitive to the member, and well documented.

Train ConCom members each semester, make necessary preparations before each meeting, and fulfill a number of responsibilities to the Board that occur after each meeting.

ASAP and ongoing: Restorative Justice Practitioner

up to 70 hours per semester

RJ Practitioners will be trained in Restorative Practice (RP), Restorative Justice (RJ) and other forms of conflict resolution.

Responsible for providing services in these areas for members and managers in the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

Development and Alumni Relations (On hold but accepting applications)

ASAP and ongoing: Development and Alumni Relations Committee (Dar Com!)

5 hrs./ wk.

Aid with fundraising and alumni relations!

Help with BSC events!

Possibly the most fun job in the BSC.

Member Education

ASAP and ongoing: Health Education Coordinator

Up to

Promote individual and community health and a healthy environment in the BSC

Establish and coordinate unit and central-level trainings, referrals, and general health promotion and advocacy efforts

Host workshops and training.

ASAP and ongoing: Health Worker Coordinator

8 hrs. / wk.

Managing the BSC Health Worker Program.

Train, supervise, and support BSC health workers.


Starting Fall: Administrative Committee Chair

5 hrs. / wk.

Ensure that the decision-making processes of the Administrative Committee are fair, procedurally sound, efficient, sensitive to the member, and well documented.

Train AdCom members.

Make necessary preparations before each meeting, attend all AdCom meetings, AdCom screening meetings, and AdCom appeals meetings.

Starting Summer: Administrative Member Advisor

8 hrs. / wk.

Be the primary resource for members making requests to the BSC Administrative Committee.

Attend all Administrative Committee (AdCom) meetings, and AdHoc meetings, screening meetings.

Assist members with requests to the AdCom and appeals.

Summer only: Network Manager Coordinator

8 hrs. / wk.

Be the primary resource for house level Network Managers.

Promote the availability of peer technical assistance among Network Managers.

Must have experience installing, maintaining and trouble-shooting at least one of the following types of routing/QOS devices, switches, and access points: Cisco, custom Linux-based solutions, Linksys, etc.

Must have experience with network and computer hardware trouble-shooting and documentation; experience with DHCP, DNS, NAT, and WINS management; and experience in creating network documentation.

Senior Management

Starting in Summer: Hiring Committee Member

Up to 30 hours a semester.

Help recruit for BSC member jobs.

Sit in on interviews for member positions over 10hrs/week.

Vote on best candidates for roles over 10 hrs/week.

Fill out the BSC Job Application (Google Form) to apply!.

Already applied? How to reapply:

  • If you applied after August and kept the link to your application, you can just edit the application. Most important is that you update your availability for the Spring semester.
  • You should probably also take this time to spruce up your application. I made a page with some tips for filling out the application in a way that might get you interviewed.
  • If you didn't keep the link, search your email for it. I have it set up to send confirmation emails. If you didn't get one, it might have gone to a hidden folder like "Updates" or (hopefully not) Spam. If neither of those, I think you can use the application link and if you're on the same machine and still have cookies, it will allow you to edit it. If none of that works, email me what jobs you're interested in and we'll figure something out.
  • If you applied PRIOR to August, email me what jobs you're interested in and we can figure it out so you don't have to redo that application.

Professional Development Interest Questionnaire

Please fill out this Professional Development Interest Questionnaire [Google Form] to help us understand how to best present professional development workshops.

Spend your summer in Michigan!

Are you passionate about teaching the younger generation the joys and advantages of cooperative living? Circle Pines Center is a cooperative non-profit deep in the woods of Southwest Michigan which operates a summer camp from June 20 to August 7. Berkeley students of years past have spent summers here working with campers in our organic garden, removing invasive species, swimming in Stewart Lake, and much more. CPC is a co-op in action, with an active community and mission to teach peace, social justice, environmental stewardship, and cooperation through work and recreation. If you are interested in learning more, head to or send an email to We hope to see you this summer!

Join the Coop Flyer

Want to get Board, Cabinet and Committee Updates, Meeting Agendas, and Announcements?

Come join the Members At Large listserv if you are interested in learning about the discussions that take place at Board, Cabinet and Committee spaces and receive Board updates, agendas and announcements. Please click the following link to join or rejoin as the listserv was recently reset:

Housing Department

Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor will be holding regular Advising/Office Hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Schedule an office visit with Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor.

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