BSC MEMBERS DIGEST -- February 5, 2024

Apply for BSC Jobs!


Hello Dearest Coopers!

Want to show some love for your coop this Valentines Day? You can do so by helping support the vital functions of our central office.

Positions are filling up quickly, so apply now before there are no jobs left!

Unless stated otherwise, jobs fulfill workshift and any extra hours are compensated with a $22/hr rent credit

HiCom emails OFTEN go to SPAM. To prevent missing out on interviews and jobs, please add "" to your contacts.

Here are the jobs available right now! (Updated January 7th.)

Before filling out the BSC Job Application 2023-2024 (Google Form), please review these Tips for applicants.

Restorative Justice is back and hiring!

Restorative Justice Practitioner
up to 70 hours per semester
Will be trained in Restorative Practice, Restorative Justice, and other forms of conflict resolution.

Member Education

Anti-Oppression Working Group
Host anti-oppression workshops at the BSC units.
Up to 30 hours a semester.
Health Education Coordinator
May be combined with Health Worker Coordinator
8 hrs/wk
Promote individual and community health and a healthy environment in the BSC
Establish and coordinate unit and central-level trainings, referrals, and general health promotion and advocacy efforts
Host workshops and training.
Health Worker Coordinator
May be combined with Health Education Coordinator
8 hrs/wk
Managing the BSC Health Worker Program.
Train, supervise, and support BSC health workers.

Development and Alumni Relations

Publications Coordinator
9-12 hrs/wk depending on applicant's availability
Design and publish printed information released by the BSC for fundraising and alumni organizing efforts.
Must be fluent in desktop publishing software (Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Quark, etc.) as well as Microsoft Word.
Write articles, conduct research, organize and archive materials, manage printing relationships.
Development Associate
15 hrs/wk
Promote the BSC’s fundraising and alumni engagement goals!


Recruitment Assistant
5 hrs/wk
Provide support and feedback to the BSC’s efforts to recruit and retain our targeted demographic.

Cooperative Experience

Member Resources Assistant
17 hrs/wk
Preference will be given to former house managers.
Provides support for and assistance to the Member Resources Coordinator in their duties, including the organization and development of training programs, New Member Orientation, NASCO Institute, correspondence and research, clerical support and budget monitoring.

Fill out the BSC Job Application (Google Form) to apply!.

Already applied? How to reapply:

  • If you applied after August and kept the link to your application, you can just edit the application. Most important is that you update your availability for the Spring semester.
    • You should probably also take this time to spruce up your application. I made a page with some tips for filling out the application in a way that might get you interviewed. Check out these tips for applicants.
    • If you didn't keep the link, search your email for it. I have it set up to send confirmation emails. If you didn't get one, it might have gone to a hidden folder like "Updates" or (hopefully not) Spam. If neither of those, I think you can use the application link and if you're on the same machine and still have cookies, it will allow you to edit it. If none of that works, email me what jobs you're interested in and we'll figure something out.
  • If you applied PRIOR to August, email me what jobs you're interested in and we can figure it out so you don't have to redo that application.

Share your experiences of Race, Gender, Disability and Class in the BSC!


Want to be part of a unique study that centers students' efforts to create inclusive and anti-discriminatory co-ops?

Email Celeste Rodriguez
Current BSC member.

Participant Criteria:
Live in a BSC house or apartment.
Participate in a 30-45 minute interview.

Participants of any and all races, ethnicities, gender, sexualities, disabilities, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses are encouraged to participate!

Want to get Board, Cabinet and Committee Updates, Meeting Agendas, and Announcements?

Come join the Members At Large listserv if you are interested in learning about the discussions that take place at Board, Cabinet and Committee spaces and receive Board updates, agendas and announcements. Please click the following link to join or rejoin as the listserv was recently reset:

Housing Department

Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor will be holding regular Advising/Office Hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Schedule an office visit with Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor.

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