BSC MEMBERS DIGEST -- March 18, 2024


March 18, 2024

Unit-Level Manager Election Season is Here!

WRITTEN BY DELLA MORAN (Member Education Coordinator)

Over the next few weeks, House Presidents will be facilitating the nomination and election process for units to elect their Spring Unit-Level Manager Teams. This announcement details the process that all members should know about.

Unit Level Manager Training (ULMT) Timeline

  • April 24th - Pre-training Requirements (online HR paperwork) due for all newly elected Managers
  • May 13th - Self-paced training due for elected Spring Managers
  • May 13th - 16th - Required Online Training Week for Spring Major Managers & Social Managers/Habitability Coordinators (not Board Reps, Health Workers, Network managers, or WRMs)


Why should I run for a Manager position?

To contribute your skills to your community! To gain valuable professional experience! To create the community you want to be a part of! To get your workshift covered! To get a rent reduction! To learn and grow as an individual! To help keep BSC rents low! Because nobody else is stepping up! ;)

“I ran for the House Manager position at Davis because, like many other members who end up running for it, it was going to be left vacant the next semester if no one stepped up to do it...So, even though I had only lived in the co-ops for about two months at this point before committing to running, I knew I could do the job well and was excited about the opportunity to have a positive impact in my community and after 3 semesters as HM I can wholeheartedly say I am so glad I did!”
-Elena, Davis
Current: Member Resources Assistant | Former: House Manager

I really wanted to contribute to creating a safer, more just community. I started out as Safe Space and Security Manager, then Workshift Manager, then Board Rep, then House President at CZ. I experienced a lot of complex, messy, difficult, and amazing moments and learned so much in these roles, it was great to serve my community while paying off my rent. I strongly encourage everyone to take on these roles and develop their cooperative leadership.”

-Tomi, Ridge

Former: Safe Space and Security Manager, Workshift Manager, House President, Board Representative

Can I run for a manager position even if a manager is currently elected?

Yes! Managers are elected every semester. If you are interested in a position, you should run.

Can I run for a manager position even if I'm new to the BSC?

Yes! You do not need any experience to run for a manager position. If you are elected, BSC Central Office Staff provide training and support to you throughout your term.

How is compensation figured out? How much do managers make?

Manager Compensation is made up of two parts: a manager stipend and a training stipend. Manager Stipends: The Board of Directors determines the unit-level payroll amount for each unit when setting the BSC Budget for each fiscal year. They use a calculation based on a flat rate per unit plus an additional amount per member at the unit. Each unit is responsible for determining how their payroll will be distributed amongst their manager team. Some units have distributions defined in their bylaws but all units should review distributions each semester at council and vote to approve them. Distributions are discussed in a percentage of the total payroll budget. For example, a manager might make 15% or 25% of the total payroll budget. A Manager’s payroll distribution is their manager stipend. For Fall 2023, the total manager stipend for compensated major managers in the BSC ranged from $540.88 for a House President at a smaller house to $4,602.29 for a Workshift Manager at a larger house. The average manager stipend was $2,078.55.

Training Stipends: The training stipend is determined by the number of hours spent in training times the workshift rate ($22/hr). Training stipends are higher for new managers who have to complete more initial training and lower for returning managers who have previously completed the bulk of their training. In Spring 2023, the average training stipend was $263.22 and ranged from $76.00 for a returning manager to $660.25 for a new Kitchen Manager.

Can a position be split into two?

Yes - the Kitchen Manager is often split into Food Manager and Kitchen Manager positions. In general, it is discouraged to split other major manager positions because the hours and tasks vary week to week which make it challenging to clearly define expectations for each person. That said, there is no BSC policy that restricts splitting manager positions. Check your unit bylaws to confirm that it is possible and find a running mate that you trust.

Compensation has increased for some Board Representative Positions (Cabinet)

  • BSC PRESIDENT - 100% Room and Board +$6000 each semester
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS (VPIA) - 100% Room and Board +$6000 each semester
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF CAPITAL AND FINANCE (VPCF) - 100% Room and Board +$5000 each semester
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF EXPERIENCE & TRAINING (VPET)- 100% Room and Board +$5000 each semester
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS (VPEA)- 100% Room and Board +$5000 each semester

In order to be eligible for these positions you need to be elected as a Board rep for your house, on a ballot that was open for at least 7 days, by the date of Cabinet elections.*

Tell your House President today if you are interested in running for the Board positions! Follow this link for more information about Board Positions.

Find more answers to FAQs in the Member Resources section of


Want to take a deep dive into BSC Policy related to unit-level managers and elections? Look no further: Remember to also review your unit's bylaws for unit level policies and detailed position descriptions.

Want to learn more about a position but don't want to approach the current manager? Reach out to their Central Office Liaison:

*The date for Cabinet elections has not yet been announced by the current Board. Last year Cabinet elections occurred on May 3rd, 2023. Best to be proactive and get elected sooner rather than later.


For those who do not know me, my name is Portia Lewis (she/her/they). I am honored to be stepping into the Member Resources Coordinator role (as a temp hire). Growing up low-income, I started working at sixteen years old, I continued to work customer service jobs through four years of community college, I continued working customer service jobs after I moved to Berkeley. I transferred to UC Berkeley in 2018, and my first cooperative home was Casa Zimbabwe. My first position in the BSC was as the Non-Perishables Coordinator at CFS (shout out to Miguel, V, Anton, & CFS workers!).

While at the BSC I held many other positions, such as Workshift Manager and President of CZ, and Kitchen Manager and Community Builder at HiP. I continued to hold manager positions in the co-ops, partially because even with working part-time and receiving financial aid I otherwise would not have been able to pay my rent, but in large part, it was because, for the first time in my life, I found the work I was doing to be meaningful, impactful, and to align with my values. If it was not for the BSC, I can honestly say, like many of you, that I might not have been able to make it to graduation. I am happy to report that I graduated in 2021 and as of June of 2023, I am the President of the BSC Alumni Association. In August of 2023, I started in a consultant role in BSC’s Development Department. Coupled with my six-plus years of experience living and or working in cooperative housing and demonstrated cooperative leadership, I am enrolled in a Master of Management, Cooperatives and Credit Unions at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The curriculum explores management functions within the context of the cooperative business model. In my previous role as a Housing Navigator, I worked with families, primarily single mothers, and their children, experiencing homelessness; I am intimately familiar with the sensitivity, compassion, humility, and collaborative leadership that is necessary to effectively support marginalized populations. Moreover, I am a certified Peer Support Specialist and a certified National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Education Provider, and have training in Mental Health First Aid, community-based crisis response, Restorative Justice, and Trauma-Informed care. I am committed to ensuring you all, as BSC members have a once in a lifetime cooperative experience so the BSC continues to grow and thrive.

Reach out to me anytime at or come visit me in my standing ‘Office Hours’ Fridays 10-11:30am!

Portia Lewis

CZ '18-20, Rochdale '20-21, HiP '21

BSCAA President '23-'24


Hiring a Member Resources Assistant!

Do you love the BSC? Would you like BSC members to be more connected to ‘resources’? Apply for the Member Resources Assistant student staff job today! - see full job description & apply today!

Member Resources Assistant

  • 17 hrs./ wk. @ $22!
  • Preference will be given to former house managers & those who have held other BSC positions.
  • Looking for applicants that know how tell a good story, have graphic design experience, and connected to local SF Bay Area cooperatives, Community orgs, and activist spaces & or are active at your campus

Revamping the BSC's Member Resource Newsletter

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bi-weekly Member Resources Newsletter? Agreed!

Help me bring it to life - if there are resources you would like to see shared with BSC members submit those to me @



Location: TBA

Date: Saturday, April 6th, 2024

Time: 12-5 p.m


"Community Care Block Party—Living the 7th Cooperative Principle"

Location: Roch/Fen’s Davis Park

Date: Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Time: Noon-6 p.m


~ hosted by the BSC Alumni Association ~

Location: Alumni House, 1 Alumni House, Berkeley CA

Date: Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

Time: 5-9 p.m


Honoring Our Grief: a three part series will be held on UCB’s campus at the Multicultural Community Center, MCC. This series is beginning next week to hold space for different losses we've had in our direct and indirect communities. Please share with your circles. Feel free to send to any spaces and organizing groups you are a part of, co-op spaces, etc. XXX

ASUC Housing Commission Comprehensive Housing Survey 2024

The ASUC Housing Commission is a student commission within the ASUC dedicated to educating and advocating for more, improved, and affordable housing. This spring we have developed a Comprehensive Housing Survey for all students to provide feedback to capture the current state of housing among all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to provide accurate data for recommendations and support.

Please fill out this Housing Survey and enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!

ASUC Housing Commission Comprehensive Housing Survey 2024 [Google Form]

Recruiting Students for Focus Group on Grading

Apply for BSC Jobs!


Hello Dearest Coopers!

Positions are filling up quickly, so apply now before there are no jobs left!

Unless stated otherwise, jobs fulfill workshift and any extra hours are compensated with a $22/hr rent credit

HiCom emails OFTEN go to SPAM. To prevent missing out on interviews and jobs, please add "" to your contacts.

Here are the jobs available right now! (Updated February 26th.)

Before filling out the BSC Job Application 2023-2024 (Google Form), please review these Tips for applicants.

Central Food & Supplies

Summer Delivery Coordinator

12 hr./wk.

Must be able to drive a truck and have a valid CA license and clean driving record.

Go on Costco runs (and other vendors) with workshifters .

Must be available for two 6 hour shifts or three 4-hour shifts, ideally in afternoons.


Restorative Justice Practitioner (3)

up to 70 hrs. a semester.

Development and Alumni Relations

Publications Coordinator

9-12 hrs./ wk. depending on applicant's availability

Design and publish printed information released by the BSC for fundraising and alumni organizing efforts.

Must be fluent in desktop publishing software (Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Quark, etc.) as well as Microsoft Word.

Write articles, conduct research, organize and archive materials, manage printing relationships.

Development Associate

15 hrs./wk.

Promote the BSC’s fundraising and alumni engagement goals!

Cooperative Experience/Member Resources

Member Resources Assistant

17 hrs./ wk.

Preference will be given to former house managers.

Provides support for and assistance to the Member Resources Coordinator in their duties, including
the organization and development of training programs, New Member Orientation, NASCO Institute,
correspondence and research, clerical support and budget monitoring.

Member Education

Health Education Coordinator

May be combined with Health Worker Coordinator

8 hrs. / wk.

Promote individual and community health and a healthy environment in the BSC

Establish and coordinate unit and central-level trainings, referrals, and general health promotion and advocacy efforts

Host workshops and training.

Health Worker Coordinator

May be combined with Health Education Coordinator

8 hrs. / wk.

Managing the BSC Health Worker Program.

Train, supervise, and support BSC health workers.

Fill out the BSC Job Application (Google Form) to apply!.

Already applied? How to reapply:

  • If you applied after August and kept the link to your application, you can just edit the application. Most important is that you update your availability for the Spring semester.
  • You should probably also take this time to spruce up your application. I made a page with some tips for filling out the application in a way that might get you interviewed.
  • If you didn't keep the link, search your email for it. I have it set up to send confirmation emails. If you didn't get one, it might have gone to a hidden folder like "Updates" or (hopefully not) Spam. If neither of those, I think you can use the application link and if you're on the same machine and still have cookies, it will allow you to edit it. If none of that works, email me what jobs you're interested in and we'll figure something out.
  • If you applied PRIOR to August, email me what jobs you're interested in and we can figure it out so you don't have to redo that application.

Professional Development Interest Questionnaire

Please fill out this Professional Development Interest Questionnaire [Google Form] to help us understand how to best present professional development workshops.

Want to get Board, Cabinet and Committee Updates, Meeting Agendas, and Announcements?

Come join the Members At Large listserv if you are interested in learning about the discussions that take place at Board, Cabinet and Committee spaces and receive Board updates, agendas and announcements. Please click the following link to join or rejoin as the listserv was recently reset:

Housing Department

Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor will be holding regular Advising/Office Hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Schedule an office visit with Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor.

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