BSC MEMBERS DIGEST -- March 4, 2024

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Hello Dearest Coopers!

Positions are filling up quickly, so apply now before there are no jobs left!

Unless stated otherwise, jobs fulfill workshift and any extra hours are compensated with a $22/hr rent credit.

HiCom emails OFTEN go to SPAM. To prevent missing out on interviews and jobs, please add "" to your contacts.

Here are the jobs available right now! (Updated January 7th.)

Before filling out the BSC Job Application 2023-2024 (Google Form), please review these Tips for applicants.


Fenwick Assistant Manager
20 hr./wk.
must be eligible and agree to live at Fenwick
assign and supervise Fenwick member workshifts
the Rochdale/Fenwick office at least three days per week, (this may include Saturday), during regular office hours (Monday - Saturday, 12pm-6pm
Assist with check ins and check outs

Central Food & Supplies

Dairy Coordinator
12 hrs./wk
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 8:00 to 12:00 or from 9:00 to 1:00.
Receive, pack and inventory dairy, alternative milk, yogurt, and ice-cream.
Must be able and willing to repeatedly lift up to 50 lbs.


Restorative Justice Practitioner (3)
up to 70 hrs. a semester.

Development and Alumni Relations

Publications Coordinator
9-12 hrs./ wk. depending on applicant's availability
Design and publish printed information released by the BSC for fundraising and alumni organizing efforts.
Must be fluent in desktop publishing software (Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Quark, etc.) as well as Microsoft Word.
Write articles, conduct research, organize and archive materials, manage printing relationships.
Development Associate
15 hrs./wk.
Promote the BSC’s fundraising and alumni engagement goals!

Cooperative Experience/Member Resources

Member Resources Assistant
17 hrs./ wk.
Preference will be given to former house managers.
Provides support for and assistance to the Member Resources Coordinator in their duties, including
the organization and development of training programs, New Member Orientation, NASCO Institute,
correspondence and research, clerical support and budget monitoring.

Member Education

Health Education Coordinator
May be combined with Health Worker Coordinator
8 hrs. / wk.
Promote individual and community health and a healthy environment in the BSC
Establish and coordinate unit and central-level trainings, referrals, and general health promotion and advocacy efforts
Host workshops and training.
Health Worker Coordinator
May be combined with Health Education Coordinator
8 hrs. / wk.
Managing the BSC Health Worker Program.
Train, supervise, and support BSC health workers.

Fill out the BSC Job Application (Google Form) to apply!

Already applied? How to reapply:

If you applied after August and kept the link to your application, you can just edit the application. Most important is that you update your availability for the Spring semester.

You should probably also take this time to spruce up your application. I made a page with some tips for filling out the application in a way that might get you interviewed.

If you didn't keep the link, search your email for it. I have it set up to send confirmation emails. If you didn't get one, it might have gone to a hidden folder like "Updates" or (hopefully not) Spam. If neither of those, I think you can use the application link and if you're on the same machine and still have cookies, it will allow you to edit it. If none of that works, email me what jobs you're interested in and we'll figure something out.

If you applied PRIOR to August, email me what jobs you're interested in and we can figure it out so you don't have to redo that application.

Announcing Rochdale/Fenwick First Social

WRITTEN BY ANNA HO (Member Education Assistant)

On Saturday, February 24th, Rochdale-Fenwick community threw their first semester social in the form of a carne asada picnic. Folks from both Rochdale and Fenwick came together in the sunny backyard to enjoy good food and great conversation, all organized with an anti-oppression mission in mind.

The event kicked off at noon, where workshifters and the event’s organizer, Rochdale Social Manager Jeremiah Hernandez, was setting up the grill and readying sides. Some workshifters cut cheese cubes and arranged freshly-washed fruit for charcuterie boards while others mashed avocado and diced a veritable mountain of onions and cilantro in preparation for the carne asada.

As the afternoon continued, Hernandez fired up the grill and prepared the first batch of chicken, carne asada, and flame-grilled tortillas. Aside from the delicious food, there was also dessert in the form of two giant pinatas stuffed with candy. Many attendees joked that the presence of pinatas were helping to “heal their inner child,” as they never had pinatas when they were younger.

In addition to conversation, the Rochdale Garden Manager also prepared a small sign-painting activity, where attendees could help prime wooden signs with stakes with which to label the thriving, multi-plant garden.

“We got a nice turnout. I’m happy about that,” Hernandez commented, looking at the community gathered around the grill. “Rochdale has a bad rep of not being social, so we’re trying to change that.”

He also added that future events would aim to foster community between different houses in the BSC, specifying that building inter-house relationships is an important goal.

On the event’s anti-oppression goals, Kathia Lara, one of the co-organizers, expressed that anti-oppression work does not need to be loud to be revolutionary.

“Anti-oppression work can take many forms, it can be seen through active anti-racism workshops and education opportunities, protests, and more. But the Carne Asada and painting event was a hope to showcase that every aspect of POC’s existence is an act of resistance, an act of liberation.” Lara said. “By understanding that these systems and institutions were not created for us, but still demanding space and care, we begin to carve out space for our flourishing. So this and future events are not only spaces for anti-oppression but also spaces for joy, for peace, and for liberation.”

Please click here for some highlights from the social. (Google Drive)

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Housing Department

Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor will be holding regular Advising/Office Hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Schedule an office visit with Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor.

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