Celebrating 90 Years of Student-Run Cooperative Housing in 2023

People gathered outside the central office on a clear, sunny day celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Berkeley Student Cooperative with the Berkeley hills in the background

The time has arrived that we’ve all been waiting for - the celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Berkeley Student Cooperative! Not only does 2023 mean ninety years of growth and development in affordable housing, social justice, and generating future leaders, but this Anniversary is about what it takes to sustain a non-profit organization for ninety years. This is a very big deal. Think about how many nonprofits you know which have been reltively small and had this level of longevity! This longevity goes hand in hand with a firm foundation of the cooperative spirit and the social and economic structures that are cooperatives.

You can look forward to:

  • A series of photographs called “Then and Now” featured on the web page and in social media.
  • Living It’s Legacy with vignettes on noteworthy alumni from a variety of fields
  • Student leadership’s first annual Solidarity Economy event in early April 2023. The solidarity economy focuses on participatory democracy, cooperative ownership, and a culture of solidarity and respect for the earth.
  • “90 for 90” Special Give Campaign - adding ninety new donors is our goal for Spring 2023 - Get involved!
  • An important gala event in the Fall, 2023 with world renown keynote speaker and celebration of cooperative life across the decades.

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime year ahead!