Friday the 20th was Day #1 of Cooperative Reuse!

We are off to a great start! Thanks to all of you for your support of this student-led effort. Apologies in advance for the short update and not naming you all but:

We began accepting furniture today and it is moving fast. A few highlights are below. But be sure to check out the #CalMoveOut (Instagram) (today's story is adorable/awesome). Please spread the word. Use the graphics below!

  • Student leads Kathryn Wilson and Emily Que are supported by fellow students, thanks to outgoing EAVP Master and her COS Sam Warren. Cal's Office of Sustainability supported their planning work all semester long!
  • Chipman is delivering truckloads of furniture (yay for pro bono, professional movers! pictured!)
  • the Berkeley Student Cooperative brought a truck and is claiming lots of great stuff (see picks, with fruit)
  • Students and students+parents are taking things right out of the hands of the Chipman and students dropping off: we literally can't keep furniture in the staging area! (This is new!)
  • The Mattress Recycling Council has delivered a trailer and thanks to Assistant to the City Manager Peter Radu and Public Works' Joy Brown, we have reserved parking for this and Cooperative Reuse staff
  • Clark Kerr facilities, Parking and Transportation and Moving Services are also key partners in this effort!

Move Out: Cooperative Reuse
More info at: (Instagram) and #calmoveout
May 20-30
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Clark Kerr Campus, SW Parking lot

Come claim your new-to-you furniture and household items! FREE to you! Cal students with Cal ID can drop off reusable furniture and household items. Mattress recycling available.