Important COVID-19 Guidelines for Summer Term

Dear all Co-opers:

As the Spring term winds down, we have important information and updates regarding the Summer term.

Important Notes:

  • Because the BSC is classified as a “congregate living facility”, the public health orders for us may be different from what you see on social media or the news.
  • In a BSC house, a “household” is anyone living in the same bedroom.
  • In a BSC apartment complex, a “household” is anyone living in the same apartment.


  • BSC members who ARE fully vaccinated are NOT required to sequester unless they have 1) symptoms of COVID-19 or 2) an exposure to someone who tested positive.
  • BSC members who are NOT fully vaccinated must sequester when moving into the BSC or returning from travel.
    • This aligns with current public health orders for residents of congregate living facilities
    • You are not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after your final dose
  • Please review this short sequestration guide for more details.


  • Room bids, the BSC’s room selection process, must occur virtually and prior to move-ins.
  • New members will move directly into their “permanent” rooms (i.e. no temporary rooms).


  • We’re excited to welcome approximately 150 new members this summer.
  • New members and folks transferring between units must schedule a move-in appointment ahead of time with the House Manager at their new unit.
  • Summer House Managers will contact new members soon to schedule move-ins.
  • Outside helpers should only be used if there is no one at your unit who can help you move and/or you have a health condition or disability.


(Effective immediately, we will be observing these new guidelines for gatherings.)

Masks, Gatherings & Guests


  • Members in each individual unit will be able to vote for or against indoor masking. Each house MUST have the same threshold as is required for unit-level bylaw changes, in order to lift the mask mandate for that house (only for fully vaccinated individuals).
  • If the city of Berkeley or the state of California chooses to reinstate policy requiring mask covering, the BSC will also reinstate the mask policy for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. 
  • If 5% of members, or 3 members in a community(whichever is higher) (excluding the apartments) test positive for Covid-19 masks will be required until less than 5%, or fewer than 3 members physically present in the unit are positive with Covid-19. 


  • No houses will have parties for ten days after move-ins, winter break, and Spring break.
  • All approved parties will require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test taken within 3 days to attend.
  • Parties in BSC houses must be approved by a supermajority of the house.
  • Members who are displaying covid symptoms as defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are not allowed to attend parties.
  • Should a Covid-19 outbreak occur in a BSC house, there will be a temporary party embargo in that BSC house for ten days.
    • A covid outbreak is defined as 5% or more of the members, or 3 members, whichever is higher in one BSC House being positive at the same time
    • Individual communities can have the temporary embargo removed before the ten day deadline by having every member present in the house submit a negative covid test result as a part of party approval process 
  • Parties must take place in a space that is avoidable for members. 
  • Unit-Level Managers must still follow all proper policies regarding preparation for parties, outlined in the BSC party policy.


  • Each member should only host one (1) guest at a time
  • Both the member and guest should be fully vaccinated
  • Guests are encouraged to remain outside or in your room, but are also allowed in common spaces.
  • Guests and members are not required to provide proof of vaccination or other private medical information to Student or Central Staff.



Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) oversees the overall BSC guidelines and strategic direction. The ERT can be reached at

COVID-19 Action Team

The COVID-19 Action Team (CAT) responds to positive cases and other operational activities. The CAT can be reached at

The Emergency Response Team