BSC MEMBERS DIGEST -- October 23, 2023

Unit-Level Manager Election season is here!

WRITTEN BY DELLA MORAN (Member Education Coordinator)

Over the next few weeks, House Presidents will be facilitating the nomination and election process for units to elect their Spring Unit-Level Manager Teams. This announcement details the process that all members should know about.

Unit Level Manager Training (ULMT) Timeline

  • December 20th: Pre-training Requirements (online paperwork) due for all newly elected Managers
  • January 7th: Self-paced training due for elected Spring Managers
  • January 8th – 11th: Required Online Training Week for Spring Major Managers & Social Managers/Habitability Coordinators


Why should I run for a Manager position?

  • To contribute your skills to your community! To gain valuable professional experience! To create the community you want to be a part of! To get your workshift covered! To get a rent reduction! To learn and grow as an individual! To help keep BSC rents low! Because nobody else is stepping up! ;)
  • “I ran for the House Manager position at Davis because, like many other members who end up running for it, it was going to be left vacant the next semester if no one stepped up to do it...So, even though I had only lived in the co-ops for about two months at this point before committing to running, I knew I could do the job well and was excited about the opportunity to have a positive impact in my community and after 3 semesters as HM I can wholeheartedly say I am so glad I did!
    -Elena, Davis
    Current: Member Resources Assistant | Former: House Manager

  • I really wanted to contribute to creating a safer, more just community. I started out as Safe Space and Security Manager, then Workshift Manager, then Board Rep, then House President at CZ. I experienced a lot of complex, messy, difficult, and amazing moments and learned so much in these roles, it was great to serve my community while paying off my rent. I strongly encourage everyone to take on these roles and develop their cooperative leadership.
    -Tomi, Ridge
    Former: Safe Space and Security Manager, Workshift Manager, House President, Board Representative

Can I run for a manager position even if a manager is currently elected?

  • Yes! Managers are elected every semester. If you are interested in a position, you should run.

Can I run for a manager position even if I'm new to the BSC?

  • Yes! You do not need any experience to run for a manager position. If you are elected, BSC Central Office Staff provide training and support to you throughout your term.

How is compensation figured out? How much do managers make?

  • Manager Compensation is made up of two parts: a manager stipend and a training stipend. Manager Stipends: The Board of Directors determines the unit-level payroll amount for each unit when setting the BSC Budget for each fiscal year. They use a calculation based on a flat rate per unit plus an additional amount per member at the unit. Each unit is responsible for determining how their payroll will be distributed amongst their manager team. Some units have distributions defined in their bylaws but all units should review distributions each semester at council and vote to approve them. Distributions are discussed in a percentage of the total payroll budget. For example, a manager might make 15% or 25% of the total payroll budget. A Manager’s payroll distribution is their manager stipend. For Fall 2022, the total manager stipend for compensated major managers in the BSC ranged from $568.09 for a House President at a smaller house to $4,075.409 for a Workshift Manager at a larger house. The average manager stipend was $2,018.75.
  • Training Stipends: The training stipend is determined by the number of hours spent in training times the workshift rate ($22/hr). Training stipends are higher for new managers who have to complete more initial training and lower for returning managers who have previously completed the bulk of their training. In Spring 2023, the average training stipend was $263.22 and ranged from $76.00 for a returning manager to $660.25 for a new Kitchen Manager.

Can a position be split into two?

  • Yes! the Kitchen Manager is often split into Food Manager and Kitchen Manager positions. In general, it is discouraged to split other major manager positions because the hours and tasks vary week to week which make it challenging to clearly define expectations for each person. That said, there is no BSC policy that restricts splitting manager positions. Check your unit bylaws to confirm that it is possible and find a running mate that you trust.

Find more answers to FAQs here:


Want to take a deep dive into BSC Policy related to unit-level managers and elections? Look no further: Remember to also review your unit's bylaws for unit level policies and positions.

Want to learn more about a position but don't want to approach the current manager? Reach out to their Central Office Liaison:

Work in CFS


Help Feed the Co-opers

NonPerishables Coordinator Position Now Open

CFS seeks a new NonPerishables Coordinator.

The position is 9 hours per week and involves driving a delivery truck and completing deliveries to all the houses.

Must have a valid driver’s license and have afternoon availability, ideally two or three three-hour slots between 12 - 5p on weekdays.

Compensated as rent credit at $22/hr.

Fulfills the workshift requirement for members who live in houses.

See full NonPerishables Coordinator job description and apply here!

Any questions please email

Keep the 90th Anniversary Party Going

WRITTEN BY PORTIA LEWIS (Events Management and Alumni Relations Consultant)

& ELISSA ROY (Development and Alumni Relations Consultant)

  • Thank you to everyone who attended the 90th Anniversary Gala on Oct 21 from 5-10 pm at International House! What a truly spectacular evening - keep an eye out for an article about the Gala and some features of our incredible Alumni in the 'Cooperatively Yours' Newsletter in December
  • If you were not able to attend the Gala, there are still ample opportunities to celebrate the BSC 90th Anniversary with BSC Alumni! You're now part of this legacy so we hope you'll also participate so we can strengthen alumni relationships for the long term. Fill out the 90th Anniversary Participation Interest Google form to let us know how you want to be involved.
  • October is National Co-op Month. Consider having an alumni event anytime in October. Some ideas on how students can engage with the 90th Anniversary are here & reach out to Portia Lewis & Elissa Roy in the BSC's Development Department for more support.
  • The BSC Alumni Association is arranging a New Alumni Scavenger Hunt the first weekend of November. We'd love for your house to participate! Fill out the 90th Anniversary Participation Interest Google form & we'll follow up.
  • Stay tuned for details about an Alumni event at Kingman Hall in support of their transformative project. Fill out the Kingman Hall Creek Restoration Newsletter Google form!
  • November is Thank-a-Donor month for our alumni relations efforts, so we'll be hosting at least one Thank-a-thon event! Would you be open to having one at your house? Students who participate can be compensated at the workshift rate IF you get your paperwork & training done at the central level. Speak to Shawn the HR Manager about this!
  • A reminder that if you are graduating in the next semester or two, ALL first-year grads get a year of free membership at The Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association upon graduating. And the alumni association has a 'No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds' policy for subsequent years.
  • Reach out to us directly if you want any more info or just to talk! Cheers to ninety more years of the BSC!

Apply for BSC Jobs!


Reduce your rent or workshift! [$22/hr]

Opportunity to BUILD NEW SKILLS & meet people at other co-ops

Questions? Email HICOM@BSC.COOP

We are looking for people who have been House Managers to apply for Member Resource Assistant. We are also seeking those who have been house level habitability coordinators to be the central level habitability coordinator. As well, we are seeking qualified applicants for the following positions.

  • Central Food Services
  • Conduct
  • Housing
  • Member Resources
  • Operations

*Urgently needed

Housing Department

Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor will be holding regular Advising/Office Hours on Tuesdays from 3pm-6pm.

Schedule an office visit with Giovanni Smith, Housing Supervisor.

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